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Elijah Kaufman
Mr. Kaufman works in three different styles. Foremost, he sculpts single figures and torsos, playing on anatomy with large volumes and abbreviated forms. While these works are cubist in influence, they address dimension and shape rather than ideas of perception. Texture and process disrupt any smooth lines and classical proportions, forcing the question of what is natural.Additionally, Mr. Kaufman works on "Story Sculptures". These allegorical reliefs portray the tension, transience and complexity of relationships. Mr. Kaufman avoids the conventions of drama in these pieces by relying on strong composition. The symmetry of a slightly turned head is often enough to convey interpersonal context. The story sculptures are bookish and understated, instructing the viewer to read beyond the interplay of component figures and see a beautiful, human math.Finally, Mr. Kaufman produces humorous sculptures based on observations of people in awkward social situations. With a certain whimsy, he refers to these sculptures as "Chimerae," plural of Chimera, meaning in Greek mythology: "an imaginary monster made up of grotesquely disparate parts." The chimerae of Mr.Kaufman occupy two worlds at once, subscribing both to the classical intonation of their title and also the modern implications of chimera as "fanciful mental illusion or fabrication." The works themselves are formal hybrids--- Mr. Kaufman grafts heads from Assyrian, Egyptian and West African sculptures onto human torsos. Already out of their element, anthropomorphic creatures are displaced in common, awkward, even humiliating social situations.
[June 2002]
Bronze Sculpture At Kaufmangallery.Com (Sculpture) Bronze abstract sculpture and bronze figurative sculpture by modern artist Elijah Kaufman. Freestanding torsos and wall bas-relief sculptures, as well as traditional figurative pieces. [June 2002] (HITS 124)


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