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Steve Ackerman Steve Ackerman artist, studio in Poole, Dorset UK. Fantasy art and surreal figurative paintings, of imaginative invention. Charcoal and pencil drawings, posters, prints, commissions. [April 2002]
Saad Alani - [May 2004]
Vladimir Bahtov Vladimir Bahtov and Tatiana Bahtova. Etchings and paintings. Living in Nikolaev/Ukraine, inspired by the ancient town Olbia. [April 2005]
Allan Bebb I studied art and Crafts at school and at college before choosing to enter in to Carpentry and laterly in Management. I have now retired and have again been inspired by others like you in to using art... [July 2005]
Belen * Artist from Spain who creates drawings and paintings.. [June 2002]
Rochelle Blumenfeld Rochelle Blumenfeld is an award winning artist whose paintings are represented in many private and public collections including the Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has... [January 2002]
Arnoud Budelman - [April 2003]
Jim Cherry Good looking old-timer wrapped up in photography and writing. [June 2006]
Jeremy Couso cute sweet and funny [June 2003]
Db Talent in intuitive drawing, and in creating ambience and contrast in the paintings. Adept use of pencil, charcoal, watercolor, mixed media, oil, and digital mediums. Understands ideas, concepts, and ... [July 2005]
Anna Demovidova Anna Demovidova was born in Rostov the Great, an historic town near Moscow, Russia. She studied traditional painting and drawing at the Kalinin Art Academy in Moscow, then came to the United States t... [December 2002]
Carole Estrup Carole is a self-taught painter whose study, first hand, of native people from Panama to Japan has given her a rare perspective and unique vision of the world. [May 2005]
Obed GóMez Latin artist Obed Gómez expresses himself in a variety of media, including acrylic on canvas, watercolor, pencil, ink and pastel. He has worked as an editorial cartoonist, children’s art instructor, g... [January 2002]
Heather Graham - [December 2001]
Sharon, E. Hodgson Brightly colored figurative paintings by a contemporary artist in Nova Scotia, Canada. Sharon Hodgson does commissioned portraits as well as murals. [February 2007]
Kelly Hutchison Pop art from hell [July 2003]
Elijah Kaufman Mr. Kaufman works in three different styles. Foremost, he sculpts single figures and torsos, playing on anatomy with large volumes and abbreviated forms. While these works are cubist in influence, the... [June 2002]
Kemal Featuring the artwork of young Canadian artists. Original landscape and floral paintings made of oil or acrylic on canvas or panel. Laminated prints are also available. [December 2002]
Jane Kohler A site open to multiple artists. A variety of images will be available. A portion of proceeds will keep us alive. Funds are over seen by the CSSA, a 501 (3) Non profit organization that raises funds f... [November 2001]
Bracha Lavee - [November 2006]
Dan Massey Fine Art and Monochrome Prints from Dan Massey. Online Galleries and Technical Information about Silver Halide Photographic Practices [September 2002]
Barry Massoni - [September 2001]
Brett Nelson all kinds of art [April 2005]
Jean-Paul Opperman - [January 2007]
Sandra Palme - [June 2007]
Paul Politis - [May 2005]
Annalisa Ramondino Annalisa Ramondino's Arte Povera assemblage sculptures are transfigured objets-trouvés, bricolage-narrations,assemblages where materials are stratified in a coherent array of heterogeneous stories. [August 2006]
Arun Sawhney Geeta Vadhera, internationally renowned Indian artistFellow, Royal Society of Arts, LondonBFA, Delhi College of Art.Indian Classical Vocal Music, Allahabad Advanced Photography, Lycee Technique Estien... [April 2005]
Todd Schoenbaum Photographer specializing in natural light black and white images. All images are Selenium toned, archivally processed and framed. [March 2005]
Idan Shnall - [April 2006]
Valery Smygalin Oil, acrylic, watercolor paintings and drawings by contemporary Russian painters. Abstract, nude, landscape, still life, surrealist. Artworks for sale are presented, delivery of ordered. [December 2002]
Eva Trinczek Enjoy the journey through my world of vibrant acrylics, soft pastels and rich oil pastels. My paintings are evolving constantly and involve a wide range of subject matter. [December 2005]
Lapovita Cosmin W3bmaster French painter : Bicard Wable - Born 1937 - Actually in France art painting painter [May 2005]
... ... - [February 2006]

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