Trapped! What Guys And Girls Want 2
Winson Thai


Danny Speaking: During a walk through the streets of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn on the morning of November 2nd, 2007, I recount everything that I had to deal with after quitting my job at the Williamsburg Pathmark three months earlier. My family ridiculed me for doing something “stupid” and letting my hormones get the most of me. They took off all financial support, making me unable to go to college or protect myself. Annabel, meanwhile, could not withhold her pledge of being by my side since our families do not get along and keep us apart. I wish I could get back at Nadia and her two friends from the market, who I think of often, for making my life miserable.

I reach my destination, Public School 209, where I graduated from four years ago and got an odd job last month to keep myself alive. It was great to see some of my old teachers again, but the assigned tasks are not easy and the pay is poor. I knock on one of the East 7th Street entrances and Assistant Principal Oliver Loftman opens the doors and lets me inside. That afternoon, while the students and staff members go home, he takes me to the school’s underground fallout shelter.

When we arrive, I notice that the door is already opened and ask, “What do I have to do?”

“Do you have a cell phone?” he asks and when I answer, “Yes,” he says, “Hand it to me.”

I ask why and he orders me to just hand it over, which I annoyingly do. He puts it inside a nearby desk and says, “I do not allow these inside the shelter, that is why,” before walking me in.

“Do you see that young woman there?” Mr. Loftman asks while pointing to the person he is referring to. She is at my right-hand corner sweeping that area and dressed in what looks like a Team U.S.A. softball uniform. I cannot see her face because she is bending down away from me.

“What about her?” I ask and Mr. Loftman says, “She works here like you and for the next three hours, the two of you will continue our project of converting this shelter into a bedroom for a homeless family expected to arrive around Thanksgiving. As you can see, we are almost done.”

I look around and realize he is right. The changeover is nearly complete. All that is left to do is move the furniture and boxes and clean the area of dirt. “I am departing now,” Mr. Loftman says, “You do not have to finish everything as the family is still a few weeks away. Do not forget to take your cell phones before you leave. I will keep the school’s parking lot gate open for you.”

I tell him, “I understand,” and as I head for the left side of the room, he says, “Oh and one final thing. Whatever you do, do not close the shelter door while the two of you are inside or you will be locked in and today is a Friday, so you know what that means,” before exiting the shelter.

Almost 20 minutes later, I am cleaning some of the shelves on the wall when I about-face to see the woman on the opposite end of the shelter still not looking in my direction as she moves some of the heavy boxes around. She must be really strong if she can do that and looks quite tall. Never having seen her before even though Mr. Loftman said she works here, I seek to talk to her.

“What is your name miss?” I ask, but she does not say a word nor look at me.

“How are you and why are you working here?” I say to her, but again, no response.

She is not listening to music and cannot be deaf since she does not have any hearings aids on, so my guess is she is too focused on her duties to notice me. I call her several more times and she still does not answer me. Irritated, I walk towards her and shout, “Hey, are listening to me?!”

She asks, “Sorry, did you call me?” as she finally turns towards me just as I approach her.

When I see her face, though, I, recognizing her as the oldest of the three females from the incident at Pathmark, gasp and say, “Wait, I know you. You are Alicia, the tall athletic girl of the three who were at the Pathmark in Williamsburg when I quit my job there this past August.” It is definitely her. The only difference is her hair is no longer dirty blonde, but now dyed in jet black.

To my disbelief, Alicia knows who I am as well, saying, “Yeah, I remember you. You are Danny, the dumb cashier that was admiring my girlfriends and me while we were breastfeeding.”

“Hold on a second, so you did notice me at that market?” I ask her and she nods her head.

“Then how come you did not stay and watch me stand up to my boss after he scolded you for what you were doing?” I ask and she responds, “We did, but Nadia wanted to go home as fast as possible. She does remember you and told me who you were after we left that market, but said while she was proud of what you did for her that day, she believed you were being a stalker from the way you looked at her and does not want to see you again. Honestly, I agree with her. In fact, I bet you have been secretly following her nonstop after both of you graduated from this school.”

“What?” I yell, “I would never do that! The truth is I believe women should be allowed to breastfeed in public. That is why I did not say anything even though I knew what you were doing was forbidden in that market. I even went a step further, quitting my job to show how I felt about you, but instead, I lost my family’s support and am now working at this dump, all thanks to you.”

“Hey, it is not my fault you are struggling now. It was your choice to resign,” Alicia says.

We start to argue loudly and I shout, “Oh, that is it!” at one point and swing my right arm at Alicia, but she pulls back and I end up hitting the shelter door. As it begins to close, Alicia and I try to grab hold of it, but we are not swift enough. It slams shut, trapping us inside the room and because Mr. Loftman had taken our cell phones and left them outside before he went home, there is no way to contact anybody for help. To make things worse, the shelter’s tiny window is sealed and soundproof and today is a Friday, so nobody will be in this school until this coming Monday.

We try to pull the door open, but to no avail. Deep down, I start to panic and say, “This is bad. I am trapped in some place that is not used very often, no one knows I am here, and the only person with me is this huge, tough girl who hates me and can easily kill me with her bare hands.”

Unfortunately, Alicia must have heard me because the next thing I know, she is clutching me by my shirt collar and says, “You bet I can,” before punching me in the face. I get knocked to the floor and Alicia goes on top of me and begins throttling me barehanded. I do not resist since I would rather die right here and now than be trapped for up to three days, if I can even survive for that long. Tears of fear begin to fall from my eyes, though, and when Alicia sees them, she stops. She then yanks my glasses off, clenches me to her right shoulder, and repeatedly kisses me while telling me not to be afraid and that I will be okay as she will take care of me until we are rescued.

Alicia Speaking: Several hours later, night has risen outside and Danny is relaxing on the bed with his hand over the bruise on his cheek due to its pain. I find ice in the room’s refrigerator and put some in a bag I have with me. Then I sit next to Danny and softly place it over his bruise.

“I am terribly sorry for attacking you Danny and accusing you of stalking Nadia. I should have tried to control my temper even after you knocked the shelter’s door shut,” I gently tell him.

“I am sorry too. I should not have blamed you for something that was my responsibility. I am also sorry for what was running through my mind when I saw you at the market,” he tells me.

I ask, “What are you talking about?” and he says, “In my head, I jeered you for protecting your friends, called you a “brick wall,” and had some perverted fantasies involving you and me.”

“Apology accepted,” I tell him, “So how have you been doing over the last few months?”

“Not too well like I told you. My family was the one who got me the job at that Pathmark and worked very hard for it, so they went berserk when they found out I quit. I explained to them why I did that, but it did not help much. Though they did not kick me out of the house, they have terminated supporting me financially, making me feel like I am living on the streets,” he tells me.

Although he starts to weep, he says, “Annabel, if you know her, said she would always be with me after seeing what I did at that market, but has not been able to keep that promise because our parents disagree on what is best for us, believe we do not belong together, and usually fight.”

“Yes, I do know Annabel and find the situation between you and her pathetic,” I respond.

He cannot hold back his tears as he says, “In order for me to stay alive since, I had to give up college and instead do odd tasks here for Mr. Loftman. Though I did enjoy seeing some of my former teachers, it is like working at a sweatshop because the pay is bad and the tasks are tough.”

As he begins to cry harder, I place my left leg on his lap and tensely hold him to my chest to comfort him while uttering, “Do not worry. When we are freed from here, I will get you out of this mess and make Annabel help too. That is a pledge I will not break.” He tells me, “Thank you so much,” before moving his eyes around. I ask, “Is something wrong?” and he replies, “Alicia, I must confess, I imagined you cuddling me like this when I first saw you and your stunning body. The only difference is I am not grazing my hands across those lovely legs you have down there.”

I tell him, “Well, let me make your imagination a reality,” as I take his right hand and rub it back and forth on my left leg from my toes to my shorts. He says it is as smooth as he believed.

“Let’s go further,” I tell him while slipping that hand up my shorts and inside my panties, emplacing it on my buttocks. I then insert his other hand down the front of my shorts and panties.

Being able to tell he is becoming nervous, I put my arms around him and caress my hands like he is my child while saying, “It is fine. I love it. Keep your hands where they are right now.”

“Well okay, so tell me, what has Nadia been going through since I last saw her?” he asks.

“She is gone,” I tell him, “she went back to her native country of Ukraine in the middle of October because some of her close relatives there were willing to help her take care of her baby.”

“Good for her, but what about the other girl I saw with a baby, the cute one?” he asks me.

“You mean little Mary? She is still here, but despite her parents’ support, is having a hard time, maybe even harder than you, with her child because she is as shy as ever and cannot get the money she really needs since being only 17, most employers will simply not hire her,” I tell him.

“Ouch that is rough. Hopefully, somebody can give her a hand soon,” he says, “and as for you Alicia, why the heck are you working here and what is up with the U.S.A. softball uniform?”

“I wanted to help the homeless. That is all,” I answer, “it is only temporary, and about the uniform, I love Monica Abbott and played softball in high school. Have you ever played sports?”

“Yes, I was part of Little League Baseball like five years ago and it was fun,” he tells me.

I continue to hold Danny in my arms as I comfort him to sleep. When that happens, I take his hands out of my shorts and lay him face-up on the bed. That is when I check out his body and discover how slim and small it is. That may be why he is so adorable and fun to cuddle. I slip my hands under his shirt and hardly feel any muscle or meat on his arms and torso. I then brush them across his legs before repeatedly kissing him in the face. When it begins to get late, I take off my clothes, lie on the bed, tightly clutch Danny to my naked body, turn off the lamp, and go to sleep.

Danny Speaking: It is Saturday morning. I wake up to notice I am still in the shelter held tightly to someone in the bed. When I look up and see it is Alicia, I sigh in relief, but when I look under the blanket and notice that she is completely naked, I pull back and scream, waking her up.

Noticing the shocked look on my face, she asks, “Are you okay?” and I tell her, “You are not wearing any clothes.” “I usually sleep like this and thought you would love it a lot,” she says.

“I really having nothing to say,” I respond to her while unknowingly looking at her torso.

“You are blushing,” she smilingly says as she enfolds the blanket around us and holds me to her body, “See, you do enjoy sleeping with a naked girl and that is fine for someone like you.”

“You are right, and I must confess, your body is comfortable,” I tell her before we see the fire in each other’s eyes. Alicia lays me on the bed, leans on top of me, and we kiss with passion.

Throughout the day, we pass the time with whatever is in the shelter (puzzles and games). Alicia reveals her affection and care for me by hugging and kissing me several times and, being a good cook, making the food accessible to us. That evening, I am on the bed reading a book when she comes out of the bathroom in just a towel after taking a shower. I walk up to her and we start to kiss as I take off her towel and we lie on the bed facing each other. Alicia pushes me under the blanket and says to kiss and fondle every part of her body from neck to toe. I do and her reaction, especially when I kiss her vagina, buttocks/anus, and breasts, proves she enjoys it. She then pulls me up and kisses my face before holding me tight, turning off the lights, and rocking me to sleep.

Alicia Speaking: Early Sunday afternoon, Danny and I are lying on the bed together with him clutched to my waist. I am showing him my family photos when he says, “Alicia, I am really enjoying our time together,” and I reply, “I feel the same.” We stare at each other blindly and our lips slowly get closer, but before they can come in contact, somebody knocks on the shelter door.

The person yells, “Are you in there Alicia?” and knowing that voice, I get off the bed, run to the door, and shout, “Yeah Mary, I am in here with a kid named Danny. We got locked in after shutting this door by accident on Friday and were unable to call anyone for help!” I signal Danny to come to me and ask Mary, “How did you to find us? In fact, how did you get into the school?”

“Your mom called Annabel and me hours ago after you had not come home for two days. She told us that you were working at this building, which my brother has the keys to since he is a janitor here. He gave them to me and that is how we got inside. We looked all over the school for you before finding your phone outside this shelter and hearing someone talking inside,” she says.

“Is Danny all right?” Annabel asks and I say to her, “He is, but please get us out of here!”

“Okay, just wait for us to get help!” she says and Danny and I finish our kiss from before.

In less than ten minutes, the FDNY and my parents arrive and Danny and I after two days are finally freed from the shelter. Relieved, I give Mary and my parents, all of whom have joyous tears coming down their eyes, a hug. Danny hugs Annabel before he and Mary notice each other.

“Hold it, have I not seen you before?” Mary asks and he replies, “Yes, you have. I am the cashier who was watching you breastfeeding at the Williamsburg Pathmark back in August. You should know my name by now since I know yours. I am also aware that you are having problems raising your baby despite your parents’ heavy support because of your age and extreme shyness.”

“Yes I am,” says Mary, “it is nice to meet you, but Annabel told me that you are having a difficult life yourself since you quitting your job at that supermarket has upset your family a lot. I have a proposal, however, that can help the both of us at once.” “Really, what is it?” Danny asks.

Before Mary can answer him, I interrupt and ask, “Can you continue this outside? I really want to get out of here.” “I concur,” Danny says and all of us grab our items and go up the stairs.

Outside the Manor Court entrance, I say to mom and dad, “Please go to your car and wait for me there,” while Danny asks Mary, “So what were you about to say before?” She answers, “I can get you a descent job even though you never went to college because I applied for many after giving birth to my baby, but only if you move in to my house to help me raise the child. I believe it is a good offer, especially since you are not getting along with your family, so what will it be?”

Danny does not say a word until his cell phone rings. He tells us his mother is calling and talks with her in Cantonese for a few minutes, presumably to explain Mary’s proposal and where he has been since Friday. After hanging up, he turns to Mary and says, “You got yourself a deal.”

Tears of joy again fall from Mary’s eyes as she thanks Danny by clutching herself to him. He says, “I guess it is time for me to be a man and protect a girl,” and wraps his arms around her.

“Do not worry honey,” I tell him while gently touching his face, “Annabel and I love you and will remain here for you and Mary because the two of you still have a lot to learn about life.”

Danny asks, “What do you mean?” and Annabel replies, “You will understand someday.”

I then say, “Come on everybody, get in my parents’ van, I will tell them to take all of you home,” before all four of us happily walk away from the building entrance in one another’s arms.



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