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Ally K -
Kc K I want to be a singer. A solo artist. And nothing more. I can sing my little heart out.
K M -
Vishal K A loving heart ...
Nijee Unique Kaashif -
Bradley Kabbash Mr. Kabbash is a work at home Investment Banker whos passion is writing.
Kabbash Retired Investment Banker who wrote while travelling
Usama Aa Kadri For description please visit: www.isound.com/usama_kadri www.sonicbids.com/UsamaKadri79
Jenny W Kadwit -
Isador Kaeven Isador Kaeven is a young teenage writer, who hopes to be the author of several book titles someday soon. Sh...
Kain Hates to write, but does it anyway.
Brady Kalt -
Bill Kamen -
Kamen -
Charles F Kane -
Jeff T Kane Jeff T. Kane is a young writer who lives in Queens with his wife and son Clark who has Down's Syndrome. He h...
Kobi Kannibel -
Marjorie Kanter Ms. Kanter brings to her creative writing her extensive experience as a Bilingual Speech and Language Pat...
Rahul Kapadiya None
Animesh Kar -
Pranai Karal Worldwide data entry operator needed.Work from the comfort of your home as a full time operator.Get paid twi...
Mahbubul (Sohel) Karim -
Tarek Karkoutly I am a senior creative writing major at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. I am plannig to attend f...
John Karl Short story writer with great appreciation for Ellen, Ernest, Kurt, and... Micro-Fiction.
Kristen Karlson My name is Kristen Karlson, I am a 17 year old Australian and i love to write. email me to chat at Kriste...
Alexandra C Karones -
Mark Karpinka Mark Karpinka was born March 23, 1972 in Edmonton, Alberta. He was graduated from the University of Alberta...
Marie Karr A Journalism major in the Philippines, had been writing for four years, aspiring author and editor of local pu
S Karrode -
Kartashyan -
Kitty Kat -
Katfancy Slyfox1
Katherine Marin -
Katmandoo someone who is really pissed off
Katrina -
Faster Katt Swedish band Faster Katt
Peyton Katz -
Terry Kaufman Born and raised in Los Angeles, California. After earning a BA in Human Development at California State Uni...
Sarah M Kaul -
De Kaya De Autumn -
Jina Kaye I am an artist living in NYC...most of my writing is for performance/spoken word, so keep that in mind as you r...
Kclb College student
Jaye S Kea -
J. Michael Kearney I've been a firefighter in the South Bronx for the past fourteen years. I hold a M.S.Ed from L.I.U. an...
Vicky Kearney I'm a 17 year old student who aspires to be a writer of many sorts. At the moment I'm still experimenting ...
Madeline Maddy Marie Keene -
Geneva Keith Novice Songwriter
Hamish J Keith The author has been living and working in Asia for ten of his thirty-something years. He has penned a seri...
Matt R Kellaher I'm 19 years old and live in Florida.
Travis Kelland -
Lexie J Kelly -
Matthew Kelly -
Robert Kelly -
Richard Kelly Richard Kelly has a Ph.D in clinical psychology. He has been a university professor and has worked in psyc...
Emma A L Kelsall Me: Emma, a girl, living in a foreign country (I'm English but I've always lived in France), speaking tw...
Sahiya Luthien Kelsick Me and my sister randomly made up this entire song on our way to the airport, because we were pass...
Bne Kelso -
Kelvin Gaz Kelvin Gaz -
G Kemp occasional poet
Jessica Kennedy young and venting out in a symbolical way
Harvey Kennett Wallace (We are Legion)
Bruce Kennington Bruce Kennington is a Mississippi high school student with absolutely no writing experience except the o...
Kevin Kenny -
Kenny Mya -
Tyla B D D Kenzie -
Kingsley Keo Simple and straight.Shooting from the heart.
Irimina Keri -
Brandon Kerner -
Ryan Kerr Ryan Kerr, im 16 and live in Australia
Kate Kerrison I have been writing on and off for years. I hope you enjoy it
Bekki Kershaw -
Johnathan Kesler I work at McDonald's and while I work I think of songs randomly throughout the work day.
Kessler -
Rachel Kewin -
Johan Keylay -
Marina Khalil -
Asif Khan A university lecturer in English literature;having reading and writing as the chief sources of inspiration and ...
Farhan Khan Kisi talab ke kinare ek lomdi rehti thi us talab me ek kachua bhi rehta tha ek din un dono ki dosti ho gayi a...
Muhammad Nasrullah Khan Muhammad Nasrullah Khan sent this story from Pakistan. He says: "I live in a country where peop...
Nida Khan -
Reema Parwaiz Khan About Me? You ask.... I'm a sixteen-year-old girl going on seventeen, with a brain stuck high in the ...
Samir Khan ...............samir&ayesha...............
Samir Khan
Samir Khan Hume tumse kuch kehna hai...tere hi paas ab mujhe rehna hai..paya jo tujhko sukoon hai ye..tu jo mujhme yu sam...
Waleed Khan -
Zunaira Khan -
Shaz Khd shazkhd
Bhavna Khemlani Teacher and Author from Thailand. Love to write. I see the world as an upbeat source where there is so mu...
Shahid Kherro -
Khushi -
Khuu I am a teenage boy who loves and enjoys singing and being a lyricist and author in my school yr.
Kid Mercury kid mercury is an Indian-American novelist and songwriter currently residing in New York City. More informati...
Ian Kidd In twenty-two years, Ian Kidd has written over 130 short stories and novellas, including the sci-fi comedy serie...
Steph Kidd hey. im steph kidd. 14 years old. i live in kentucky. um...i love to write music and play guitar. music is lik...
Stephen S Kilbourne My name is Stephen Kilbourne. Uhh well that's about it.
Hannibal Kildare -
Justin Kile High School student who enjoys writing about love and life.
Andy Kim -
Krista R Kimball -
Kimball -
G S Kimbro High School Student, 18.
John D. Kimbrough -
Kimberly Vequizo Braulio Kimkim i originally composed this song. i love to write ..
Drakeman Robert Kincaide Drakeman Robert Kincaide has a unique way of tapping his creative reserves: his dreams are haunt...
Bryan King I'm 14
Diamond King -
Gazza King Gazza King has sold dozens of short stories to Australian magazines, and the screenplay 'Zappy' was a quarter ...
Simon King Frustrated Storyteller Seeks Salvation From Mind-Numbing Day-Job!
Tom King -
Trey King -
Victoria King Victoria King is 6' 7" and blindingly beautiful. She has worked extensively as a director on Greek TV (kin...
Kaitlin Kingdon -
Sidney Kinney I am writing this poem to reveal my true feeling about my first real love.
Bk Kinsel I'm a kid who loves to write, so here it is.
Allington Kinsley I've written a few inspirational books and cookbooks, but was surprised to see this sad-looking teen at...
Jeremym Kipp -
Thomas Kirchenheiter -
Nand Kishore This is my first story
Kurt Kitasaki -
S M Kivela I'm a young, creative writer just wanting some honest feedback. Love to talk and meet people, also love humour...
Wajiha Kk i am 14 yrs old asian girl.i am basically an indian but a mixture...i usually work on death-curse,fiction-press...
H Klecel -
Sarah Kletz Hundreds of people with there bags and suit cases rushed around a short Melanie Marzo. Some were tall , ski...
Kevin Kling Kevin Kling is an American commentator for National Public Radio and acclaimed storyteller. Kevin Kling grew...
C Klink -
Colleen Klose -
Oksana Klym Lyricist, looking for talented composers/musicians who can give a beat to the lyrics. No boundaries attached!...
Kathrine Knickrehm I am a college student now and I am majoring in communications. Hopefully someday I can reah more peo...
Aurora Knight I'm fifteen years old, and I enjoy writing mostly fantasy genres.
Stephen C Knight me
Shinning Knight -
Kimberly Nicole Knipper I'm sixteen and this is the first song I have ever written. I don't have that much experience.
Barrener Knit-Onto -
Mojalefa Reddy Veejay Knoxman -
Shiloh A Knudsen I'm 17 and this song was written by myself and my best friend Ashli Fairbank.
Kobra -
Matthew Mark Gill Kodak Moment Hey see the real picture and get a life!
Yevgeniy Kogosov -
R C Kohl Long time musician, first time author.
Audrey Kohout -
Angel's Love Korak The author is an Electronics and Instrumentation-Engineering student and hail from Kolkata, India.It w...
Matt Kornatz -
Richard Koss Richard Koss, other titles
Jonathon Koudelka I am 14 and am a student at the Potters School.
Kournikova -
Danielle Kov -
Yana Kovynenko I am a young author who uses word to express past memories and future hopes. I have a huge thirst for know...
Sophie Kowalsky -
Kp -
Georgia Kraff I'm a freelancer currently living in North Carolina. Prior to relocating, I wrote a book review column for...
John Kraft John is a writer living and working in San Francisco, deep within the belly of the California Beast. He cleans...
Katherine E Krahl i am an aspiring author/poet... please reveiw my work...thank you
Paul B Kramer -
Jostlin N Krause -
Violet E Krause -
Steven R. Kravsow I have been writing for the past 10 years. I have written short stories, essays, Op-Ed pieces, magazine...
Elena Kravtsova A university teacher finds her real satisfaction in associating with different people calling them TRUE P...
Beata A Krawiecka A Polish born Mexican from Chiuhaha.
Kreo -
Kate Kreutzer-Spath I am a hard working woman, who loves to read and write. I have many stories in my head, but no coura...
Tay Krew (A. Muir, J. Gibson, S.C. Manning)
Anuradha Krishna Anuradha Krishna grew up in India and experienced the diverse yet vibrant cultures of North and South In...
Pramod Krishna -
Kronaj -
Krupska Miranda Krupay is a 19 year old brat from the other side of the world. She exists not only in the world wide web ...
Mike Krywanio -
Kevin Ksg over 40 and loving life, life goes on within you and without you..remember that...
Samar Kshitiz -
Philip Kuchar I'm a 24 year old male, and recently received a BA in philosophy, which is why not so surprisingly I'm curr...
Neeraj Kumar -
Pankaj Kumar I write poems and songs on situations and demands.If someone interested can contact me.
Ravi Kumar Bro B.Heart is a western music artist
KumarR -
Adam Kunde Adam Kunde: I'm a 20 year old aspiring lyricist, and have been writing song lyrics for only a few months now. ...
Anubhav Kushwaha I am what I am, a shadow, a ghost from dark, Silence across the wall, the sound that makes a mark - A fi...
Pankaj Kwatra I m 18m Ludhiana..doing BCA in PCTE (BAddowal)College.
Yasen Kyanov -
James Kay
Belkis Kambach
Michel Khan
Tara Kirwan
Richard Koss
Raihan A Khan

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Samir Khan

[December 2017]
Aye Dil Sun Zara 1 (Screenplays) Hlw friends mera naam samir main gora hoon height normal and bahut handsome hoon mere college ki bahut sari ladkiya mujhpe marti hai par main un ladkiyo pe nahi marta tha main to rimsa pe marta tha jo mere sath padhti hai woh bahut khubsoorat hai aur uska style sabse alag hai chalne ka style baat ka... [368 words] [Biography] [May 2018] (HITS 94, REVS. 0)
Badnamiya Armaan Malik Urvashi Rautela Coverd New Lyrics (Songs) Zindegani ke lamho ko tere naam kar diya khudko tere hi khatir badnam kar diya badnamiya mili tanhaiya badhi badnamiya mili oh tanhaiya badhi..bin tere ek pal jeena duswar kar diya o ho ho...bin tere ek pal jeena duswar kar diya khwabo me bhi tera main ehsan kar diya badnamiya mili tanhaiya badhi ba... [115 words] [Biography] [May 2018] (HITS 128, REVS. 0)
Bandeya New Unplugged Song By Samir Khan (Songs) chal we tu bandeya us galiye jaha koi kisi ko na jane chal rehna waha pe chal bandeya jaha apne hi na pehchane reh(x2)reh gaye hai jo tujhme wo lamhe lauta de meri aankho me aake thoda mujhko rula de chal chal we tu bandeya us galiye jaha koi kisi ko na jane....chal rehna waha pe chal bandiye jaha a... [5 words] [Biography] [March 2018] (HITS 161, REVS. 0)
Bhut Ka Darr (Short Stories) Aaj main aapko ek asli mere dost ki biti hui ghatna ka ullekh karne ja rahu main ye kahani apne dost ki jubani sunane ja raha hu main ayan jamshedpur ka rehne wala hu aap log bhut pret ya kisi bhi prakar ki ghatna ghati hui bate sune ho mera ghar ek kabrishtan ke 1 road side ke faasle me hai bagal m... [262 words] [Adventure] [May 2018] (HITS 122, REVS. 0)
Bloody Mary A Real And Fake Story (Short Stories) Dosto kya aapne kabhi bhi internet me ya youtube par bloody mary story dekhe ho ya sune ho maine internet mein padha aur dekha hai kai log internet me iske bare me post kiye hai logo ka kehna hai ke raat 2:30pm ya uske baad beech ke time me agar akele ghar me apne ayine ke samne ek mombatti jala kar... [126 words] [Adventure] [May 2018] (HITS 116, REVS. 0)
Bloody Mary Ka Sach (Short Stories) Bloody mary ek daayan hai ye main nahi janta ye kahani internet me published kiya ja raha hai aur ise main bhi read kar chuka hoon internet me iski kai jagah alag alag post kiye gaye hai par main read kar chuka hoon bloody mary ka test bhi kar chuka hoon par mujhe kuch mehsus na hua hai na maine dek... [130 words] [Horror] [May 2018] (HITS 115, REVS. 0)
Dil Tera Hai Deewana(New Unplugged Cover Songs:-New Lyrics) By Samir Khan Www.Lyricsmint.Com (Songs) Kehta hai pal pal tumse hoke dil ye deewana kehta hai pal pal tumse hoke dil ye deewana..aa..dil ki koi khwahish tu mujhse na chupana..dil tera hai deewana zara mujhko tu aazmana..dil tera hai deewana zara mujhko tu aazmana..wo..oo..woh..oh..bin tere main tanha sa lagu aaja ore aaja tuhi pehli aarzu... [179 words] [Mind] [April 2018] (HITS 143, REVS. 0)
Ehsas New Lyrics (Songs) Teri kami bhi hai tera ehsas bhi hai tu door bhi hai mujhse tu paas bhi hai kyun tune mera dil ye toda kyun tune mera sath bhi choda karni thi bewafai to kyun meri zindagi me aayi bewafai karegi to main jeena sakunga bin tere kahi bhi main rehna sakunga bewafai karegi to main jeena sakunga bin teri ... [192 words] [Biography] [May 2018] (HITS 88, REVS. 0)
Ek Bhutia Raaz Bhut Pret Ki Original Kahani (Short Stories) Dosto aaj main aapko bhut pret ki aap biti ghatna batane ja raha hu toh dosto mera jharkhand ke andar ek sahar hai jiska naam jamshedpur hai toh jamshedpur ke eh ilaqe ki satya ghatna batane ja raha hu san 2008 ki baat hai shashtri nagar jaha mera ghar hai paas me hi ek siya kabrishtan hai uske baga... [224 words] [Adventure] [May 2018] (HITS 123, REVS. 0)
Ek Raaz Ki Baat Bhut Pret Ki Original Kahani Part 2 (Short Stories) Dosto aaj main phir wapas louta hoon bhut pret ki asli kahani par jamshedpur jaha main aur mera poora parivar rehta hai hum log yaha thik thak toh rehte hai mera poora parivar khush hai par mere dil me darr tha roz raat ko karib 2pm me sota tha darr ke mare mera raunghta khada ho jata tha raat 12pm ... [126 words] [Adventure] [May 2018] (HITS 116, REVS. 0)
Ek Yaadby (Songs) Ek dafa meri in aankho me khud ko hi ek din paogi yunhi tum mujhko samajh lo ke mere bina tum pachtaogi jaan ke bhi tum jane wafa mujhse juda ho na paogi..ek pal bhi mujhe tum bhoola na paogi mere bina tum kahi rehna paogi yaad karke mujhe tum aahen bharogi mujhko pane ke waste khud ye duaen karogi ... [118 words] [Biography] [April 2018] (HITS 122, REVS. 0)
Hona Nahi Guzara New Lyrics Sameer Dhatkidih Mp3samirbd.Com (Songs) Tum jo ho mere o saath yaara bin tere main jeena paun ek pal tu jo saath rahe na dil ye mera ghabra jaye kyunki..tere bina mera hona nahi guzara ke bin tere mera hona nahi guzara o yaara tu chalde mere saath ab toh..kitna suna hai bin tere mera har pal kya hua hai is dil ko kyun tum roothe ho mujhse... [116 words] [Biography] [April 2018] (HITS 128, REVS. 0)
Hum Mar Jayenge Samir And Ayesha (Songs) Apni aankhein khaali kar de Kaash tu meri aankhein bhar de Kaash tu meri aankhein bhar de Mere yaara tere gham agar payenge Humein teri hai kasam, hum sanwar jayenge (x2) Do yeh saugaat tum, tto zamaane ki hum Do yeh saugaat tum, tto zamaane ki hum Har khushi se mukar jayenge Hum mar jayenge Hum mar... [186 words] [Relationships] [July 2018] (HITS 65, REVS. 0)
Humsafarthe Discussion:-Samir Khan (Genres) Humsafar-the discussion__(written,by:samir khan) [376 words] [Relationships] [December 2017] (HITS 247, REVS. 0)
Jab Koi Baatbysamir Khan-Unplugged Song (Songs) Hai chandni jab tak raat_______deta hai har koi saath______lekin andhero me na chodhna mera sath____meri yaad agar aye mujhko tum jo na mil paye__jee lena mere bina...o humnava..aaa_ jee lena mere bina...o humnava..aa..meri yaad agar aye..khwab samajh ke bhula dena..jee lena mere bina o humnava..jee... [50 words] [Relationships] [February 2018] (HITS 218, REVS. 0)
Kalpana (Songs) Aaj main aap sabhi ko apni kalpana batane ja raha hu to aap log is khuli neend me mat mehsus karna band aankho me karna toh mera naam to aap jante honge main toh is website par kuch songs likhe to jisko nahi pata hai toh use main apna parichay karwata hu mera naam samir hai main ek 9th class student... [279 words] [Mystery] [February 2018] (HITS 221, REVS. 0)
Kaun Tujhe(Ms Dhoni The Untold Story By Samirkhan Unplugged Lyrics-- (Songs) Tu aati hai seene mein jab jab sansen bharta hoon tere dil ki galiyon se main har roz guzarta hoon hawa ke jaisi chalti hai tu main ret jaise mudta hoon kaun tujhe yu pyar karega jaise main karta hoon oo..oh..oo..o.o..ohh..lamha ye anjana sa tere liye hi ruke yaadon me aati nahi chahat tere pyar ki.... [113 words] [Biography] [May 2018] (HITS 130, REVS. 0)
Khandar (Short Stories) Khandar a short movie 2017 jamshedpur-by samir khan [71 words] [Horror] [December 2017] (HITS 280, REVS. 0)
Kuch Is Tarah By Samir Khan Unplugged Song (Songs) Kuch is tarah..kuch is tarah..aye raat tham zara..kuch is tarah..kuch is tarah..do jism se ek jaan me dhaljaye hum zara..kuch is tarah..kuch is tarah..aye raat tham zara..hawao sa main behne laga hu..kehne laga hu sun le mujhe..tu khwab ban kar..mujhse bichad kar rota hai rato mein kahi..tere bina n... [67 words] [Horror] [January 2018] (HITS 268, REVS. 1)
Nokia S60v5 5230 5233 5800 Etc Full Specifictions Full Jaankari (Reference) Nokia secret codes [740 words] [Publishing] [April 2018] (HITS 136, REVS. 0)
O Saathi..Bysamir Khan:Unplugged Cover Song) O Saathi...Tere Bina..Aa..Weeran Hai Lamhe Mere..Suna Pade...Har Raaste..Bin Tere Main Kuch Bhi Nahi..Louta De Tu Woh Lamhe Mere Jisme Mujhe Tu Aae Nazar..Dhundhe Tujhe Jo Meri Nazar..O Saathi...Tere Bina...(X2)Aankho Me Gum Hue Kyun Aise Manjile Raaste Sab Kho Gaye Jaana Tha Tujhe Toh Chodh Ke Tanha Aise..Mere Dil Ki Hi Taraf Kyun Mude..O Saathi...Tere Bina..Aa..Weeran Hai Lamhe Mere Suna Pade..Har Raaste O Saathi....(X3) (Songs) O saathi [9 words] [Biography] [March 2018] (HITS 173, REVS. 0)
Palko Tale New Lyrics (Songs) Kitna haseen hai lamha..aaja yaha ab toh..bin tere mein rehna paunga mera tujhme hi hai jahan..wo..ho..bin tere mein rehna paunga mera tujhme hi hai jahan..tere hi chahat ke sapne palko tale hai ab.toh..bin tere main rehna paunga mera tujhme hi hai jahan..kitna haseen hai lamha aaja yaha ab toh bin ... [59 words] [Biography] [May 2018] (HITS 113, REVS. 0)
Pyar Ho Unpluggedby Samir Khan (Songs) Tumse hi hai sapne mere aur khwab bhi tumse hi kehne laga hu kehdu abhi to chahat jo dil me dabi..pyar ho jab pyar ho har bar ho tumse hi..(x2)lamhe mere..tere liye..hai pyar ke..ehsas ke..tum jo na hote hum tanha phirte unhi..pyar ho jab pyar ho har bar ho tumse hi..(x2)aa paas mere bahon me le lu.... [72 words] [Movies] [January 2018] (HITS 209, REVS. 0)
Raaz Guzarne New Lyric (Songs) Tere sang abhi jeena hai mujhe..tere sang abhi jeena baki hai..tere sang abhi jeena baki hai..he waqt abhi thoda theher bhi ja tu mere sang abhi mera saathi hai..ab raat guzarne wali hai ab raat guzarne wali hai..tu kyun nahi samjhti dil ko mere mere dil me tu hi chayi hai ab raat guzarne wali hai ... [105 words] [Biography] [May 2018] (HITS 110, REVS. 0)
Sameer Dhatkidih (Screenplays) hlw friends mera naam samir hai main jamshedpur se hu mera real name md samir toh mujhe aap you tube pe sameer dhatkidih you tube pe search karo and like subscribe and views badhao mere dosto and google pe search aap (1)sejal903(2)sameer dhatkidihand(3)samirkhanandayesha/ye tino address search kar s... [6 words] [Biography] [March 2018] (HITS 180, REVS. 0)
Samir Khan Biography (Genres) Md samir personal blog and other(born in 30/01/2003) website /father md yunus/mother fatima perween/brothers md ilyas md afsar md irfan md armaan and 4 sisters farhat perween roshni perween farzana perween sabana perween&my favourite colour(red)eye (black)hair(black)height (normal) email subanaucweb... [58 words] [Biography] [April 2018] (HITS 165, REVS. 0)
Samir Love Forever 2 (Screenplays) Me:-ayesha babu kya hua kalse tum mujse baat kyun nahi kar rahi.........Ayesha:-kya hua samir phone kyun kiye.......Me:-kya hua ayesha aise kyun bol rahi ho.....Ayesha:-mujhe kuch nahi pata bas please phone rakho aur haa samir dobara phone ya message mat karna....me:-kya hua ayesha mujhse koi galti ... [301 words] [Biography] [May 2018] (HITS 95, REVS. 0)
Samir Love Forever 3 The Last In Love My Life Time (Screenplays) Ayesha ke saath ab hum khush the kyunki ab humari shadi ho gayi hai hum aur ayesha bahut khush hai ab hum zindagi ke naye raah par khade hai ek nayi duniya ek naya jagah jaha mere aur ayesha ke beech koi nahi hai kyunki main uss din hum aur ayesha bhagne ka plan banae aur aaj humari shadi ho gayi ha... [150 words] [Biography] [May 2018] (HITS 88, REVS. 0)
Samirkhanandayesha (Short Stories) Hai chandni jab tak raat_______deta hai har koi saath______lekin andhero me na chodhna mera sath____meri yaad agar aye mujhko tum jo na mil paye__jee lena mere bina...o humnava..aaa_ jee lena mere bina...o humnava..aa..meri yaad agar aye..khwab samajh ke bhula dena..jee lena mere bina o humnava..jee... [4,827 words] [Romance] [February 2018] (HITS 41, REVS. 0)
Samirlove Forever (Screenplays) Zindagi ek pehlu me hum kadam rakhe the aur hamesha hi dhoke me raha hu doosre log dhoka dete hai toh hum had se jyada dhyan nahi dete apne apne hote hai aur praye praye magar mujhe har waqt ek wahi pal yaad aata hai jab mera koi apna hi mujhe dhoka dete raha main uski har ada ka deewana tha uski ha... [215 words] [Relationships] [May 2018] (HITS 100, REVS. 0)
Soniye Hiriyeby Samirkhan Senstive&Emotion Sad Lyricshttp:Www.Fotothing.Comsamirkhanandayeshaphoto9262836fb11664b29cfdd9462087e86d (Songs) Soniye hiriye teri yaad aati hai seene me dhadakta hai dil jaan jati hai jati hai soniye hiriye teri yaad aati hai seene me dhadakta hai dil jaan jati hai jati hai tu hi zid meri hai dil ka karar hai tu hi zid meri hai dil ka karar hai tu aaja tujhe rab ka wasta main takta hoon tera raasta..tu aaja ... [201 words] [Biography] [April 2018] (HITS 142, REVS. 0)
Storymania.Com Description In By Samirkhan Samirkhanstorymanialink.Com (Songs) Kehta hai pal pal tumse hoke dil ye deewana kehta hai pal pal tumse hoke dil ye deewana..aa..dil ki koi khwahish tu mujhse na chupana..dil tera hai deewana zara mujhko tu aazmana..dil tera hai deewana zara mujhko tu aazmana..wo..oo..woh..oh..bin tere main tanha sa lagu aaja ore aaja tuhi pehli aarzu... [55 words] [Biography] [April 2018] (HITS 141, REVS. 0)
Tere Bina.. (Songs) Tere bina(new lyrics.by-samirkhan)2017 [4 words] [Romance] [December 2017] (HITS 253, REVS. 0)
Teri Jhuki Nazar New Song Lyricsby Samirkhan:-Lamhe Haseen Hai Yaaden Teri Hai Teri Yaadon Khoya Hoon Main..Kaisi Ghadi Hai Teri Kami Hai Bin Tere Main Kuch Bhi Nahi..Teri Jhuki Nazar Teri Har Ada Mujhe Keh Rahi Hai Ye Daastan..Koi Saksh Hai Jo Ke Indino Tere Zahno Dil Pe Hai Cha Gaya Teri Jhuki Nazar Teri Har Ada Mujhe Keh Rahi Hai Ye Daastan..Aan..Aa Hai Ye Daastan..Jab Teri Ungliya Mujhko Chu Jati Hai To Koi Khwab Dil Me Jaga Jati Hai Itni Berang Bhi To Nahi Zindagi Har Mulaqat Mujhse Ye Keh Jati Hai Maine Hawao Ko Fizao Ko Karte Suna Charcha Tera Maine Ghatao Ko Khalao Ko Karte Suna Charch Tera..Hmm..Charcha Tera..Chahe Kuch Na Kehna Bhale Chup Tu Rehna Mujhe Hai Pata Tere Pyar Ka Khamosh Chehra Aankho Pe Pehra Khud Hai Gawah Mere Pyar Ka Teri Jhuki Nazar Teri Har Ada Mujhe Keh Rahi Hai Ye Daastan..Aan..Oo..Hai Ye Daastan Teri Julf Jab Bhi Bikhar Jati Hai Aye Haseen Tu Haseen Aur Ho Jati Hai Jo Kitabo Me Padhte Te Rahe Aaj Tak Woh Pari Humko Tujhme Nazar Aati Hai..Teri Hi Baahon Me Panahon Me Rehna Mujhe Har Dam Sada Teri Hi Yaadon Me Nigahon Me Rehna Mujhe Har Dam Sada Teri Hi Baahon Me Panahon Me Rehna Mujhe Har Dam Sada Teri Hi Yaadon Me Nigahon Me Rehna Mujhe Har Dam Sada,Aa..Ho Har Dam Sada.. (Songs) Teri jhuki nazar new song lyrics_by samirkhan:-lamhe haseen hai yaaden teri hai teri yaadon khoya hoon main..kaisi ghadi hai teri kami hai bin tere main kuch bhi nahi..teri jhuki nazar teri har ada mujhe keh rahi hai ye daastan..koi saksh hai jo ke indino tere zahno dil pe hai cha gaya teri jhuki na... [226 words] [Biography] [April 2018] (HITS 116, REVS. 0)
The Dark Knight (Short Stories) The dark night a jamshedpur short movie by/samir khan [215 words] [Horror] [December 2017] (HITS 286, REVS. 0)


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