The Authors

Eric H -
Jeaette H Don't what to say.
K H Thanks to CM, I've made his inspiration a creation and made it come alive. I give 95% credit to him for coming up wi...
K J H I enjoy writing yet somehow I can never do short descriptions or summary's of the stoies I write. So with me its be...
Mare L H -
Veronica H -
Allie Haaland -
Veronica Habib -
Iam Hack I am a three eyed, split toed alien with a taste for Earth lit.
Tara Hack Tara is an emerging indie-pop singer/songwriter.
Kevin Hadley I live in Warsaw, have a little house in Buzyska and like magic
Ebenezer Hagan A 22 year old student of Sociology and Geography at the University of Ghana with a keen interest in Africa...
Robert G Hagans I used to be a hopless romantic, your average Lloyd Dobler. But at 19, I'm re-evaluating my life. I am be...
Attallah Hajj The author is currently pursuing a degree in Marketing and a minor in African Studies in Houston, Texas.
Anik Hakuoh -
Joe J Halbach The authour attends Montana Academy and is a ninth grader.
Benjamin Allen Hale A published fifteen year old. I live in Boise, Idaho, but I have moved all over the United States. ...
Nikki Haliway -
Bradley (Brad) K Hall My inspiration come from true life situations and yes my ideas are alt mind no help from other sour
Gary W Hall Secretive and imaginative.
Heather Hall -
Katie L Halliday A beauty passing through your life in a moment.
Connie Kay Hallstrand I use my words to bring comfort not only to myself but hopefully others around me who have felt the...
Natalie Hallworth -
Peter Halpin Please feel free to give reviews, I always appreciate an honest opinion of my stuff. www.peterhalpin.co.uk
Michael A Hernandez Ham -
Illy Hameed -
Illy Hameed I love writing :) Please feel free to comment.
Dylan F Hamill I'm 15, male. My idols are Jim Morrison & Robert Plant.
Amanda Sue Hamilton A young woman who fell in love for the first time, got her heart broken and this song is telling her ...
Kevin R Hamilton -
Mathew Hamm I am an American born raised in Colombia, South America. Spanish is my first language.
Joe Hammond A published author with a new book coming out in January 2008
Pegi Handley I live in California with my husband. Together we have a managery of animals. I've been writing about fift...
Audra Haney Talented Writer
Vincent Haney Lyricist seeking a melody.
Muhammad Asif Hanif I am an Industrial Electronics Engineer.I love to read and write stories.
Saulat Hanif -
Brian J Hankins -
Jet Hanley -
Sheryl Hanna Author is Sheryl Hanna a female of middle age. Writes for a hobby short stories preferably Horror.
Michael R Hannaford 21 years of age, average kid that in his pass time enjoys reminiscing on old memories and songs, and ...
Hannah -
April M Hansen -
Stephen Hansen Stephen is a junior high student
Robert Hansford One who seeks wisdom shall not find it, yet it shall find him.
Coby Hanson Coby Hanson is a sophomore in highschool, he is a hard worker and thrives to be the bestest out of everyone. ...
Mark E S Hanson Mark Hanson. 17 Years Old. Writing lyrics for 3 years. Over 500 songs lyrically written. Musician, solo a...
M Hanson ...
Hanson -
Jeffrey Hansson Jeffrey Hansson is an archaeologist, author and freelance writer who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He...
Jimmy Hap A guy who is really starting to feel, and so excited about it that he feels compulsed to write and share it all
Ken Harbec Silent for months, love is worth rejoicing. For my Husband.
June M Harcourt -
R M Harcourt 17 in Collage Tasmania, Australia. Just started writing and is loving it
Keir Hunter Hardie Age 48. Looks 38. Acts 12. Wandering around Life like a tourist in a foreign land but enjoying the ...
David L Hardin -
Peter Harding I was born in 1965, and have always dreamed of writing plays. When my church decided to have a festival of ...
John Hardoby -
Fred Hardy
Louis Hardy i am 13 and in a rock band
W A Hardy I am what I am. A father, a husband, a web designer, and sometimes I take a moment or two and scribble down a ...
Nathaniel B Hargreaves Nathaniel B. Hargreaves a 16 year old guy from Louisiana. Outside of writing music, he also write...
Bethany J Hargrove 22yrs old and living in NC since August 2010.
Ravikumar Hariharan Working as a software Engineer in a premier company in India.
Alia Harold -
Alia Harold -
Beth L Harper Just a girl.
Joel Harper -
Christal Lynn Harris Harris My name is christal I wrote this song for a guy that i am in love with.
Desmond Harris -
Jeanette Harris Just a party
John R Harris John Harris holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Texas at Austin. After teaching...
Jeaette Harris I think everyone when everyone should thank the lord.
Michael Harris African American male. Accepted Christ as savior as I have been born again since August 1st of 2002. I h...
Sammy Harris -
H H J S Harrishafizjohnsonsieczkowski James Harris, Imran Hafiz, Matt Johnson and Aaron Sieczkowski are all freshman at B...
Courtney Harrison my name is courtney, i love to write songs, but this one doesnt quite have any music to it. ive been tr...
Malia Harrison -
HarryPotterAGHp -
Garrett Hart -
Yessayana Hartfield A beautiful young single African American mother, who is accomplishing her goals and succeding throug...
Felix Hartman white guy
HartmannM -
Mary E Harvey -
Kim Haslam -
Hammad Hassan I have written 2 long screenplays for films ( not produced yet) and about 3 short film scripts. I've writt...
Rachel V Hatch Rachel V. Hatch is a funny, loving girl who loves animals. This story is actually for one of her past life
Diablo Hate Read and find out, my stories is what I think of the world at times.
L Hatzipetrou -
HaulicaM -
Havocjon And Reggin-Old -
Anne Hawkins A midwestern teenager who hopes to someday be an English Lit. major, specializing in 19th century English l...
Carl Haworth -
Will Hawryluk -
Michelle Haya Haya -
Janice Porter Hayes I have been a freelance writer for seventeen years. I live in Utah with my husband and our four chil
Martine Hayes Martine Hayes, other titles
Jennifer M Haynes I'm 17 years old, I love to write, in the 12th grade, have 6 cats, live in Tennessee, have won several ...
Ronnie B Hays Everyday average person.
John Hazard 22 year old college student just beginning to put pen to paper.
Scott W. Hazzard I hate my life.
Sai He I am a 14 year old acoustic guitarist and pianist that is also a songwriter/performer. I am unsigned, and i am a s...
L Marie Heaaden i use my skill as a reflection of myself!!!
Aliyah Marie Head Author Description: I am young, but very mature. I am very passionate about my writing. I just recently...
Carly Heath I posted some stories years ago. I'm 20 now and a senior at SFSU. Moving to L.A. in june. Enjoy (or tell me w...
Rachel Heath -
Scott M Heath NAME: Scott Michael Heath. Author Bio: Most of my secondary schooling was completed in Darwin, Australia,...
Sm Heath I am from a small town in New Zealand, called Blenheim. I have lived also in Australia (many years ago). I've b...
Hebrewhammer I'm, uh... 15 years of age... I like to write and uh.. yeah...
John Heckel -
Nathan C Hedberg Nathan C. Hedberg is a 24 year old Military Policeman currently stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY with his w...
Andreas Hedning -
Beau Hefley i am 42, single and live in New Mexico
Christopher Hehemann I really need this published for Honors English but other than that I think this is one of my best p
Stanley Heisler A former member of the US Navy, a professional musician, a CEO of a plastic company and a world traveler.
Derek Anthony Held Newbie author who is tired of just kicking around ideas.
Hiba Helewa -
Hell Girl Hellgirlrox erm...me?just a beginner
Hesham Helmy Dear friend, My name is Hesham Helmy ,35 years old ,I am an Engineer working in an oil company . I am from E...
Jeffrey L Henager I am a longtime fan of sci-fi, and wanted to see if anyone likes my idea.
Jennifer Hendershot 32-year-old writer/editor from Maryland.
Anna Henderson -
Jeremy Lee Henderson Jeremy Lee Henderson is over a quarter of a century old. He was born in South Korea, but speaks no K...
Nicholas Henderson -
Jake Hendricks I'm seventeen years old, and I live in a small town called Lake Orion. I have been writing since I was 8 y...
Jennifer Marie Hendy Seventeen year old. Nothing special. South Jersey.
Megan A Hennessey Writing under a pseudonym, Recovery is my first short story released onto the Internet. Having written ...
Robert M Hensel -
Alexa Hepner -
Kelsey Hering I'm Kelsey and I'm a song writer
Anthony D Hernandez -
Brian Clover Hernandez -
Jose Hernandez -
Yelsi Hernandez !!MUSIC!!
Mark Herner Mark Herner is a clincal research engineer in Indianapolis who began writing short stories to stay out of tro...
Ulysses Hero Can I be like batman, don a mask and wear underpants on the outside of my trousers? Can I hide behind a nom...
Alejandra Herrera I am a 14 year old girls who lives in Cali Colombia. I study at Colegio Bolivar and I am in 8th grade. ...
Joseph Robert Herrick -
Ann Herzer -
Michael Heyworth -
Hiatt -
Susieq Hicks My name is Susie, but everyone calls me SusieQ. I am 38, single, with two children. I work for the governm...
Robert E Higgins NYC Firefighter
Higgins -
Hikaru Yue I am canadian, working on my first peice; dragon effect
Devin Hill -
Michelle-Lynn Hill -
Robert S Hill divorced dad of 8 children
Tj Hill -
Kate E Hillard Pen Name - Melinda Clark.
National Historic Museum Never go to this museum at night
Hkon M Saleh Hkon Song lyric
Hobie -
Melissa Louise Hobson I'm 16, female. I want to be a singer or at least have my lyrics heard. It's my dream :)
Ignatz Hockwitz -
Matteo Hodak -
J D Hoff Hoff 43 year old with a passion for animal welfare.
Gary R Hoffman -
Kenneth C Hoffman A retired portrait photographer, I like to write, turn photos into digital art, bike and sing in a quat
Hoffmeier -
Chris Hofmann -
Eric A Hofmann Student at Colorado State University majoring in Technical Journalism. Dream job would be to work for Car...
Brett M Holden -
Mick Holdsworth -
Jordan Holetzky -
Jordan Holetzky -
Daniel W Holland Simple kid
Owen J Hollifield -
Owen Hollifield Owen Hollifield is a writer who lives in the U.K. He has published in various forms all over the world.
Holly Hi 2 everyone, I'm a kool chick who loves to write, read and listin to kool tunes
HolmanDMDmh -
Paul J Holmes Tom believes he has a new beginning with the love of his life.
David Holt David Holt, 15
Zach C Homer -
Francis Homestead -
Rich Honour -
Red Riding Hood -
Alan Hooper -
Matthew Hooper -
Randy Hooper -
Hope -
Aaron Horn I'm a lonely soul... in need of comfort...
Fred Horton Fred Horton (1974- ) was born in Phoenix, Arizona to an American father and an Italian mother. Pursued radio ...
Timothy Houlihan I am forty-seven years old and live in Idaho with my wife Treva. My hobby is sitting on the top of the m...
Birdie Houston A writer or poems and shortstories.
Celina E Houtman -
Steven L Howard -
Melonie M Brooks Hpf I am 13 and I love to act, write (obviously), and read. I am also the same height as the World's Ta...
Jason Huber I live in Sturgis. I enjoy the peace and quite of a small town layed back in the black hills. I also enjoy ...
Ashley N Hudson Hudson AshleyHudson, keep trying and pushing hope u like it.
Mariah Hudson -
Eve R Huff -
Brodie J Hughes I write because I can, if you don't like it, then don't read it.
Brodie Hughes -
Crystal S Hughes -
Pricilla Hughes -
Ryne Hughes Really cool guy.
Hugozhor -
Michael J Hulse -
Isabelle S Hume -
Jeff Hunt -
Emily Hunter A beauty passing through your life in a moment.
Jack Hunter " Caught " (C) 2008 Written ...
Michael Hunter I'm half Korean, I love music, composing and performing. I play basketball in my spare time, and love to ...
R James Hunter Using writing to explore my personal concepts and ideals. Educated as an engineer, finding peace in writi
V Hunter 41 yr. young woman who's been through some stuff and has ton's of songs in my head. can't sing though..only lyr
Tamera Huntley -
Zhe -Tian Huntress I am in the teen years, and I love to read and write. I also like singing, even though I'm bad at it. ...
Kayla Hupp white girl, 13 in a small town and world
Daniel Hurley -
Shaun Hurley I love to write and read many different things. Also, I enjoy computer programming, networking, and anything...
Denise Hurst Maritha Kather finished her Master's at the University of Pennsylvania. She is an author and online contribu...
Husky -
Bruce Anthony Huston A 24 year old Cowboy living in California and dreaming of the East. Sometimes a walking paradox, but...
Barry Lee Hutchison Sr Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Barry Lee Hutchison, Sr. has always had a deep appreciati...
Michael A Hyer I am a long-time writer, as well as a musician (putting out 17 CDs between the years of 1995 - 2003), and ...
Beth Hyl Hi I'm Beth and this is my first song I'm just hoping you will give me feedback on my song. Cause if i suck I'll...
Benjamin Hynds -
H I like to write stories for children and adults alike. Please enjoy my writing and leave feedback for the ones that you...
M Hernandez
Robert J Hightower
Martine Hayes
Kim H
D Harrison
Mike Hanson
Stephen Herczeg
Anna Hood
Tom Hietter
Jonathan Hopkins

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Fred Hardy
[July 2007]
21 Days( Away From You) (Songs) - [317 words] [August 2007] (HITS 2357, REVS. 6)
40 Days (Songs) - [313 words] [August 2007] (HITS 3677, REVS. 3)
A Country Road (Songs) Song more like folk or country [251 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1989, REVS. 3)
Alexander Park (Songs) - [258 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1430, REVS. 0)
Amatique Bay (Songs) - [269 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1575, REVS. 2)
Angie's Song (Songs) Trying to put it back together after tragedy and hope are gone. [350 words] [Relationships] [August 2007] (HITS 1600, REVS. 0)
Another Endless Try (Songs) rewrite of something I wrote before trying to keep the melody with a better lyric. [245 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1598, REVS. 0)
Another Night In Paradise (Songs) Simple three cord progression the chorus sounds familiar plain rock no surprises lyrically interesting would like to hear any comments good or bad. [318 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1840, REVS. 3)
Arizona Heat (Songs) A pop rock song with simple but catchy lyrics .any comments would be appreciated. [237 words] [Literary Fiction] [August 2007] (HITS 1954, REVS. 2)
Beautiful Girl (Songs) Song lyrics (re write of an older post) [169 words] [Romance] [August 2007] (HITS 1667, REVS. 3)
California (Songs) - [306 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1845, REVS. 5)
California Gold (Songs) - [218 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1750, REVS. 1)
Can't Let You Go (Songs) I've tried to write this several times but I can't find the right mix so I've tried to make this shorter and slowed it down now it one of those love songs, oh well. [251 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1817, REVS. 7)
Can't Let You Go (Revised) (Songs) -sometimes love is hard . [242 words] [October 2006] (HITS 2055, REVS. 3)
Christmas Day (Songs) Simple melody catchy,not every thing is as it seems. [211 words] [Literary Fiction] [April 2005] (HITS 1821, REVS. 5)
Come Over Here (Songs) - [164 words] [August 2007] (HITS 2327, REVS. 2)
Coming Home (Revised) (Songs) Croos over song [266 words] [August 2007] (HITS 3299, REVS. 2)
Consumed (Songs) It's about a girl who was just trying to be herself and trying to fit in to the world around her and the conflicts that exist . [263 words] [Teenage] [August 2007] (HITS 1896, REVS. 2)
Don't Talk (Songs) - [236 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1500, REVS. 0)
Don't Waste My Time (Songs) - [279 words] [Relationships] [August 2007] (HITS 2071, REVS. 0)
Dreaming (Alt) (Songs) - [236 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1778, REVS. 3)
Eric (Extended) (Songs) Additional lyrics added more detail who is Eric? [264 words] [Literary Fiction] [August 2007] (HITS 1740, REVS. 4)
Fire-Lite (Songs) Blues rock slow tempo. [205 words] [Relationships] [August 2007] (HITS 1646, REVS. 0)
Forgiveness (Song) (Songs) - [364 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1799, REVS. 5)
Give Me A Gun (Songs) - [261 words] [August 2007] (HITS 2103, REVS. 2)
Goodbye To You (Songs) - [251 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1831, REVS. 3)
Hard To Say I'm Sorry (When Your So Far Away) (Songs) - [256 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1639, REVS. 1)
Here And Gone (Songs) Depression with susidal theme a definite rock song with more tempo in the chorus. [321 words] [Mind] [August 2007] (HITS 2419, REVS. 4)
How Good It Use To Be (Songs) - [268 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1818, REVS. 4)
How Is It Now! (Songs) hard to follow its like a really bad trip chorus is simple with repetition any comments good or bad. [248 words] [Mind] [August 2007] (HITS 1824, REVS. 4)
I Can't Take It (Anymore) (Songs) knew this girl once [281 words] [August 2007] (HITS 2554, REVS. 2)
I Lied (Songs) - [246 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1432, REVS. 0)
I Wish You Well (Songs) - [368 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1393, REVS. 0)
If She Could Die (Songs) Depression, suicide theme. [229 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1883, REVS. 4)
I'm Almost There (Songs) - [161 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1737, REVS. 4)
Immortalized Dream (Songs) Suasidal theme. something I wrote a long time ago the words came very easy. and like most things I have written very hard to define. [172 words] [Literary Fiction] [August 2007] (HITS 1818, REVS. 1)
It's A Complicated Life (Songs) - [243 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1751, REVS. 2)
Japanese Girls (Songs) Alternative sound fast pace. [256 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1927, REVS. 4)
Jesse (Songs) - [287 words] [Relationships] [August 2007] (HITS 2070, REVS. 2)
Jesus Died Today (Songs) the man on the corner [248 words] [Spiritual] [August 2007] (HITS 1622, REVS. 0)
Johnny At Fourteen (Songs) - [279 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1747, REVS. 2)
Kerry Me Home (Songs) - [252 words] [Popular Fiction] [August 2007] (HITS 1756, REVS. 3)
Learning To Fly (Revised) (Songs) - [205 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1839, REVS. 6)
Lonely Nights Revised (Songs) - [311 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1674, REVS. 0)
Looking For Empty Space (Songs) - [159 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1748, REVS. 0)
Looking For No One (In The Middle Of No Where) (Songs) - [255 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1385, REVS. 0)
Lost And Alone (Songs) - [234 words] [August 2007] (HITS 3433, REVS. 0)
Lost Paradise (Song) (Songs) -something a little different about the burden of life here in the twenty first century, it seems the people making desicions these days have forgotten what it was like to be young. [308 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1674, REVS. 3)
Mary Jane (Songs) - [324 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1716, REVS. 6)
Mexican Princess (Songs) - [400 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1743, REVS. 0)
Mother Nature (Nothing We Can Do) (Songs) - [367 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1742, REVS. 4)
My Angel ,My Star (Songs) Speaks of the pain of living without someone who was very close. [161 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1813, REVS. 7)
On A Night Like This (Songs) - [246 words] [Romance] [August 2007] (HITS 1966, REVS. 6)
One More Try (Songs) Complicated lyrics fast pace music with great melody .still searching for answers. [230 words] [Motivational] [August 2007] (HITS 1698, REVS. 0)
Promises Get In The Way (Songs) - [257 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1874, REVS. 3)
Rise (Songs) Song about addiction. [227 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1854, REVS. 4)
Sam Don't You Cry (Songs) - [270 words] [Relationships] [August 2007] (HITS 1777, REVS. 10)
Save This Love Tonight (Songs) - [190 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1741 1756, REVS. 3)
School Girl Fantasy (Songs) - [269 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1953, REVS. 15)
September Rain (Songs) One of those boring non imaginitve boy girl songs that have been done to death . [233 words] [August 2007] (HITS 2477, REVS. 5)
Seven Holy Nights (Songs) - [276 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1525, REVS. 0)
She Found Diamonds (Songs) - [118 words] [Romance] [August 2007] (HITS 1888, REVS. 2)
She's So Pretty (Songs) Song about nothing. [231 words] [August 2007] (HITS 2060, REVS. 3)
Someone Like You (Song) (Songs) final completed version [241 words] [August 2007] (HITS 3719, REVS. 2)
Something Good Inside Of You (Songs) - [223 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1392, REVS. 0)
Sometimes Love Ain't Worth Fighting For (Songs) - [255 words] [Relationships] [July 2007] (HITS 1184, REVS. 0)
Somewhere Part 3 (Songs) The conclusion, three part song with same chorus trough out, the best lyrics I have ever written on the oldest subject known to man. [315 words] [Spiritual] [August 2007] (HITS 1766, REVS. 1)
Somewhere (Part 2) (Songs) The 2nd of three. [206 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1614, REVS. 0)
Somewhere(Part One) (Songs) Part one of three. [203 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1641, REVS. 0)
Spotlights (Songs) - [232 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1574, REVS. 0)
Talk To Me (Angie) (Songs) - [241 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1916, REVS. 0)
The Days I Feel Alive (Songs) A song I wrote about the colorado river has some river slang but I overall it's still easy to understand [298 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1630, REVS. 0)
The Last Forgotten Race (Songs) - [291 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1810, REVS. 2)
The Next Real Thing (Songs) - [220 words] [August 2007] (HITS 2119, REVS. 4)
The Problem With Asia (Songs) - [191 words] [Relationships] [August 2007] (HITS 1683, REVS. 4)
The River Of Life (Songs) a song about fear and the relization we have gone too far . [297 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1527, REVS. 1)
The Sinfull Seduction Of A Communist (Songs) a point of view from the left on how american society has influenced the world around me .song is very personal and full of anger. I only hope it can come across with just the words. [276 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1822, REVS. 2)
This Is Home (Songs) - [309 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1821, REVS. 6)
This Is Your Life (Songs) A complete change of direction from previous title(if she could die)but same depression theme with little changes to verses.new chorus. [300 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1710, REVS. 0)
Tragedy (Songs) -struggling to find the right title to this any suggestions [305 words] [August 2007] (HITS 2002, REVS. 0)
True To Your Name (Songs) Sometimes it can be very confusing with all the complications that surround us choice are made and directions are taken .i wrote this many years ago when I had to make some of my own choices and decide where I was going. [205 words] [Spiritual] [August 2007] (HITS 1801, REVS. 2)
Turn Away (Songs) - [191 words] [August 2007] (HITS 2033, REVS. 6)
Wating For A Message From God (Songs) Not a religious song. no more of revenge mode on a really bad break up. [240 words] [August 2007] (HITS 2046, REVS. 4)
We All Just Fade Away (Songs) - [205 words] [Relationships] [August 2007] (HITS 1932, REVS. 8)
What A Beautiful Day (Songs) Just a song about having a really good day. (title change) [214 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1516, REVS. 4)
When Your Seventeen (Songs) Misunderstood. very twisted look at the choice between life and death. in a world that has gone so wrong. [359 words] [Teenage] [August 2007] (HITS 1908, REVS. 1)
Where Are We Now (Lost Paradise) (Songs) - [273 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1688, REVS. 3)
Where Did You Find That Girl (Revised) (Songs) re write with final ajustments [399 words] [Literary Fiction] [August 2007] (HITS 1975, REVS. 9)
X Mas Day (Songs) a song about acceptance and understanding. [280 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1720, REVS. 6)
Yesterday's Past (Songs) Not much flow but does speak out with imagination some religious people may be offended. [234 words] [Spiritual] [August 2007] (HITS 1821, REVS. 4)
You Had Lost Your Way (Songs) Very slow with more tempo in the chorus a definite religious theme [193 words] [Spiritual] [August 2007] (HITS 1856, REVS. 2)
You Think That You Know Me (Songs) Slow pace,a view from the left. [231 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1886, REVS. 4)
You Want It All (Songs) About the girl next door a very fast pace rock/alternative type song. [240 words] [Relationships] [August 2007] (HITS 1900, REVS. 4)
Your Beautiful In Every Way (Songs) - [237 words] [Relationships] [August 2007] (HITS 1769, REVS. 5)
Your Leaving (Songs) - [198 words] [August 2007] (HITS 1802, REVS. 4)
Zzx (Songs) Slow ballad. [218 words] [July 2007] (HITS 3311, REVS. 2)


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