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Los Angeles by Lamar Cole - [54 words]
Deer Crossing by Lamar Cole - [58 words]
Soniye Hiriyeby Samirkhan Senstive&Emotion Sad Lyricshttp:Www.Fotothing.Comsamirkhanandayeshaphoto9262836fb11664b29cfdd9462087e86d by Samir Khan Soniye hiriye teri yaad aati hai seene me dhadakta hai dil jaan jati hai jati hai soniye hiriye teri yaad aati hai seene me dhadakta hai dil jaan jati hai jati hai tu hi zid meri hai dil ka karar hai tu hi zid meri hai dil ka karar hai tu aaja tujhe rab ka wasta main takta hoon tera raasta..tu aaja tujhe rab ka wasta main takta hoon tera raasta tere bina yaara mera hota nai guzara ek baar mere khatir aajao yaara tu hi zid meri hai dil ka karar hai tu hi zid meri hai dil ka karar hai tu aaja tujhe rab ka wasta main takta hoon tera raasta tu aaja tujhe rab ka wasta main takta hoon tera raasta..tu aaja tujhe rab ka wasta kitna sataogi ye to bata de baat jo bhi dil me teri mujhko bata de kyun bewajah o yaara roothe ho mujhse bin tere lamhe mere sookhe hai yaara.tu hi zid meri hai dil ka karar hai tu hi zid meri hai dil ka karar hai tu aaja tujhe rab ka wasta main takta hoon tera raasta tu aaja tujhe rab ka wasta main takta hoon tera raasta..main ta... [201 words]
Teri Jhuki Nazar New Song Lyricsby Samirkhan:-Lamhe Haseen Hai Yaaden Teri Hai Teri Yaadon Khoya Hoon Main..Kaisi Ghadi Hai Teri Kami Hai Bin Tere Main Kuch Bhi Nahi..Teri Jhuki Nazar Teri Har Ada Mujhe Keh Rahi Hai Ye Daastan..Koi Saksh Hai Jo Ke Indino Tere Zahno Dil Pe Hai Cha Gaya Teri Jhuki Nazar Teri Har Ada Mujhe Keh Rahi Hai Ye Daastan..Aan..Aa Hai Ye Daastan..Jab Teri Ungliya Mujhko Chu Jati Hai To Koi Khwab Dil Me Jaga Jati Hai Itni Berang Bhi To Nahi Zindagi Har Mulaqat Mujhse Ye Keh Jati Hai Maine Hawao Ko Fizao Ko Karte Suna Charcha Tera Maine Ghatao Ko Khalao Ko Karte Suna Charch Tera..Hmm..Charcha Tera..Chahe Kuch Na Kehna Bhale Chup Tu Rehna Mujhe Hai Pata Tere Pyar Ka Khamosh Chehra Aankho Pe Pehra Khud Hai Gawah Mere Pyar Ka Teri Jhuki Nazar Teri Har Ada Mujhe Keh Rahi Hai Ye Daastan..Aan..Oo..Hai Ye Daastan Teri Julf Jab Bhi Bikhar Jati Hai Aye Haseen Tu Haseen Aur Ho Jati Hai Jo Kitabo Me Padhte Te Rahe Aaj Tak Woh Pari Humko Tujhme Nazar Aati Hai..Teri Hi Baahon Me Panahon Me Rehna Mujhe Har Dam Sada Teri Hi Yaadon Me Nigahon Me Rehna Mujhe Har Dam Sada Teri Hi Baahon Me Panahon Me Rehna Mujhe Har Dam Sada Teri Hi Yaadon Me Nigahon Me Rehna Mujhe Har Dam Sada,Aa..Ho Har Dam Sada.. by Samir Khan Teri jhuki nazar new song lyrics_by samirkhan:-lamhe haseen hai yaaden teri hai teri yaadon khoya hoon main..ka... [226 words]
Sad Frown by Lamar Cole - [43 words]
Ek Yaadby by Samir Khan Ek dafa meri in aankho me khud ko hi ek din paogi yunhi tum mujhko samajh lo ke mere bina tum pachtao... [118 words]
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All For Your Good by Vincent Michael This is something you need to hear and understand. [203 words]
Fire Of Life by Scott A Schutte My 1st poem ever. This seemed to write itself. [80 words]
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Jesus Saves by Triller Jefferson How Jesus Saves And Gives A Story [638 words]
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Stiletto by Lamar Cole - [53 words]
Basketball by Lamar Cole - [43 words]
How To Save Earth's Magnetic Field by Julius The Jules There is a way to save Earth's Magnetic Field. The benefits to the Earth wil... [240 words]
Land by Lamar Cole - [44 words]
Burn, Burn, Burn by Muhsin Scott Secrets,wrongs will not go unpunished,hell, fire and brimstone, From Gangster,prisoner point o... [1,230 words]
Hapless by Remya Ravindran - [90 words]
Dump by Lamar Cole - [33 words]
Crawl by Lamar Cole - [34 words]
The Bathtime Song by Lauren Jackson This is a quick little song I made up for my middle child when she was bathing. It is a song ... [75 words]
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Heavenly by Richard Evans Where I'm from- [32 words]
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Samir Khan Biography by Samir Khan Md samir personal blog and other(born in 30/01/2003) website /father md yunus/mother fatim... [58 words]
Puddles The Tomcat by Lamar Cole - [55 words]
Sand Castle by Lamar Cole - [50 words]
Storymania.Com Description In By Samirkhan Samirkhanstorymanialink.Com by Samir Khan Kehta hai pal pal tumse hoke dil ye deew... [55 words]
Only A Lonely Boy by Charlie Townsley - [95 words]
Misty Morning Kiss by Lamar Cole - [40 words]
Bikini Buzz Cuts by Lamar Cole - [47 words]
Take Me Back With You by Charlie Townsley - [111 words]
Kentucky Fried Chicken by Lamar Cole - [39 words]
Dil Tera Hai Deewana(New Unplugged Cover Songs:-New Lyrics) By Samir Khan Www.Lyricsmint.Com by Samir Khan Kehta hai pal pal ... [179 words]
Frying Pan by Lamar Cole - [52 words]
Coward by Lamar Cole - [45 words]
Hot Pink by Lamar Cole - [47 words]
Crude by Lamar Cole - [40 words]
April Fool's by Lamar Cole - [48 words]
Because I Can by Lamar Cole - [42 words]
Reconciling My Spirit by Jina Kaye Submitted for Dominique Morriseau's "50in50" series, with support from the Frank Silvera ... [235 words]
Single Mom by Lamar Cole - [42 words]
O Saathi..Bysamir Khan:Unplugged Cover Song) O Saathi...Tere Bina..Aa..Weeran Hai Lamhe Mere..Suna Pade...Har Raaste..Bin Tere Main Kuch Bhi Nahi..Louta De Tu Woh Lamhe Mere Jisme Mujhe Tu Aae Nazar..Dhundhe Tujhe Jo Meri Nazar..O Saathi...Tere Bina...(X2)Aankho Me Gum Hue Kyun Aise Manjile Raaste Sab Kho Gaye Jaana Tha Tujhe Toh Chodh Ke Tanha Aise..Mere Dil Ki Hi Taraf Kyun Mude..O Saathi...Tere Bina..Aa..Weeran Hai Lamhe Mere Suna Pade..Har Raaste O Saathi....(X3) by Samir Khan ... [9 words]
Gold Digger by Lamar Cole - [37 words]
Kilt by Lamar Cole - [33 words]
Pringles by Lamar Cole - [37 words]
Willa by Lamar Cole - [49 words]
Beard by Lamar Cole - [41 words]
Shooting Stars by Lamar Cole - [36 words]
Trickle by Lamar Cole - [45 words]
The Possessed Book by Saranekha Saravanan - [1,261 words]
Bandeya New Unplugged Song By Samir Khan by Samir Khan chal we tu bandeya us galiye jaha koi kisi ko na jane chal rehna waha ... [5 words]
Anxiety by Lamar Cole - [39 words]
Dark Lady by Adarsh N R Rudresh - [43 words]
Emergency Relief by Lamar Cole - [44 words]
Drop Kick by Lamar Cole - [38 words]
Weep By American Standards by American Standards WEEP by American Standards [154 words]
Sameer Dhatkidih by Samir Khan hlw friends mera naam samir hai main jamshedpur se hu mera real name md samir toh mujhe aap yo... [6 words]
Wood by Lamar Cole - [57 words]
Chap by Lamar Cole - [48 words]
Sad Trick by Lamar Cole - [33 words]
Pretty Nurse by Lamar Cole - [49 words]
Palm Tree by Lamar Cole - [39 words]
Greyhound Bus by Lamar Cole - [43 words]
Bar Fight by Lamar Cole - [49 words]
I'm Hungry Chapter 1 Cooper by Amber Lee - [169 words]
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Public Shame by Lamar Cole - [45 words]
Riptide Of Love by Lamar Cole - [88 words]
Havana by Lamar Cole - [47 words]
Honies by Lamar Cole - [39 words]
Raccoon by Lamar Cole - [64 words]
The Absolute Non-Locality Of Black Holes by Joseph Julius The Jules Going into a black hole cuts you off from spacetime completely and int... [287 words]
Biggum by Lamar Cole - [46 words]
Febreze by Lamar Cole - [41 words]
Mistreated by Ivano Joseph Gianni - [178 words]
Girl I'll Be There by Ivano Joseph Gianni - [274 words]
Easter Bunny Trump by Cedric McClester - [107 words]
Oh, Hell No ! He Wrote by Cedric McClester - [119 words]
Clutch Your Pearls by Cedric McClester - [97 words]
Enigma...I Can by Cedric McClester - [76 words]

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A tip of the hat to the cousin's back o the hand.
[387 words]
Lawrence Peters
[April 2018]
10:15 (Short Stories) A short story about fate and speed and the things that bring people together. [713 words] [Action]
And... (Short Stories) For Andrew, whether you like it or not, it's yours. written in Los Angeles, where writers go to become rich, lose every drop of their talent then die horribly in the gutter like Poe... thanks for show... [129 words] [Mystical]
Angel Turns Pro (Short Stories) A Paranormal Parable. [472 words] [Humor]
Baby Secrets... (Short Stories) Something you always want but should never have. [762 words]
Brooklyn Cowboy (Short Stories) - [2,364 words]
Eyes (Short Stories) For Parker. [339 words]
Fever Dreams And Memories (Non-Fiction) My first ghost story. [649 words] [Mystical]
For B. (Songs) A song for my sister Betty-Ann on her 38th Birthday. [202 words]
Fortress (Songs) - [116 words]
Ghosts... (Short Stories) - [572 words]
God's Hiding Place (Short Stories) - [230 words] [Spiritual]
Gorilla (Poetry) - [169 words]
If But For A Moment... (Poetry) - [126 words]
Jacks, Or Better To Open (Short Stories) - [2,139 words]
Love X 2 (Poetry) - [101 words]
Once (Short Stories) For you. Always. [317 words]
Once Again, With Feeling (Poetry) - [134 words]
Papa (Short Stories) For one of the greatest there was. [473 words] []
Promise (Short Stories) For Monica. [355 words] [Humor]
Syberg (Short Stories) Part one of a science fiction story... [956 words] [Science Fiction]
The Day I Killed Ryan Watts... (Short Stories) Just a joke inspired by a fellow poet. [157 words]
The Dragon And The Tiger-Bob Gets His W.I.S.H. (Short Stories) Humorous wildlife adventure [1,614 words] [Fable]
The Last Song Of C S H (A Reprise) (Short Stories) If you need to know... [578 words]
The Last Song Of Cold Steel Heart (Short Stories) - [3,382 words]
The Stone: Man Or Myth? (Short Stories) Continuing story of a legendary childhood friend, which will be updated as time and the man honors. [1,956 words] [Adventure]
Time Enough For You (Poetry) - [103 words]
Waiting... (Short Stories) - [249 words] [Humor]
Waiting For The Rain (Poetry) - [118 words]
'fly (Short Stories) Freedom [426 words]
'ticement 18 W. I. S. H. (When I See Her) (Poetry) - [91 words]
Lawrence Peters

Bog By Lawrence Peters 2018 “Do you have it yet?” Sean asked. Let me in there if you can hold the light better. One already tonight, let’s pack it up and be done with it for a bit. “You’d be the first to know,” Herbie replied, “Y’d think the man up to his elbows in cold bog would be the….aaaaah.” Sean was training his flashlight into the hole in the Bog that Herbie had his hands in. The night was full of sounds, as it was Spring, and there was a quiet after Herbie’s “Gotcha!” They both were crouched between the boghole and the light. And now the silence.. “What’s it say?” “Fecking second, Sean, hold that light steady!” His fingers scraped away the mud of a thousand years, a piece of the past- both a question, and an answer in the same breath. And it hadn’t been heard in a long time to rush it now. Herbie pulled the flask that they’d thought would warm themselves more on this damp night, just in case. The stone called. Herbie poured and time peeled away in the light. With most of the mud gone the stone was almost legible, but with one for Sean who gratefully took it, one for the man who made the stone and one for the one who’d found it, it was almost done. In the Bog Herbie recited “The remembrance of things, is often found-“ “Written by things that one found in the ground….” Sean finished. Herbie handed him the stone, and Sean put it with the other in his bag.He wished he hadn’t poured all that whisky out now. “We’ll keep digging, The last leads to the next. We’ve been lucky so far .Let’s keep it that way.” He took out his camera and quietly cataloged everything: Stones together, coordinated, hole size, depth, time of day and of course the inscriptions. Sean rushed a shot to catalog herbie’s face here in the rising light. The jaw, that look forward, the stance…digging the mystery. This wouldn’t be the last night spent wandering the Bog and digging while a warm bed lay not too far awaiting, but he laughed away the cold and smiled at a new morrning sky. Having been almost everywhere once, they would agree, there’s no place that they’d rather be.


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April 2018

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