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Internet Friends
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Internet Friends
[728 words]
Saranekha Saravanan
[December 2017]
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Internet Friends
Saranekha Saravanan

Can internet friends be real friends? Some research says that internet friends are dangerous and some said are good but there are some advantages and disadvantages about internet friends. They can be dangerous and some can be like the best friends ever in life.
Actually, some studies show that if your alone and donít have any friends then you might die faster than others. So they said that having an internet friend or a pen pal is good to spend your life with. They are the friends you can trust and always stay in contact with them and always have a happy day with and always love the luck they give you. There also is something I want to share is that we should be aware of toxic friends and know the different between real friends and toxic friends because toxic friends can spoil your life whereas real friends can bring you to a better place. A real friend is a friend who will care for you and will always cheer you up whenever you are sad but toxic friends will always make you even sad when you are already sad. This is not nice. For example if you are late for a pizza party, a real friend will save the last three pieces for you whereas the toxic friends will eat all up and laugh at you instead and blame you for being late.
Real friend will is a friend you can trust and will always forgive you but a toxic friend will make pay back the things you broke and will never forgive you at all. For example if you have a real friend, and you broke their guitar they will forgive you and they will get a new one but a toxic friend will make you buy them a new guitar and they will forgive you and will always be mad at you. They will laugh at you will you fail or get hurt. For example for a real friend they will cheer you up and will ask you not give and try again but for a toxic friend they will laugh at you and ask you to give up and make you sadder and you will begin feel badly. The worst case is that toxic friends smoke and you should never follow them at all but you will have to because they will beat you up and if you say no then they will force you until you have to smoke for their sake then you get addicted to it and smoke for the rest of live and be a smoker but a real friend will never smoke and will stay a healthy lifestyle with you every time.
A real friend will either wait for you at the bus stop even when you are late for school but a toxic friend will just go off without you and make you in trouble. You have to be careful off which friends you choose and which friends you reject. Now letís get back to the topic. Some studies show that having an internet friend is dangerous and you might get yourself killed of something. This is an example of and toxic friend and it is some more your internet friend. There is also secret you want to share to your internet friends and if you choose the wrong type they will tell your secret to the whole world in Facebook, Twitter and What app. This is very bad. They might release all the personal pictures you send to them on the internet and everyone will know your personalities. This is very bad too. Even worst is that you might get yourself in big trouble too. If you want to meet the internet friend in real life than you have to be careful because the friends could appear to be murderers.
Therefore, it is important to always have an adult supervision when youíre on the internet. Never give anyone your phone number or your address or else you might be in great danger. The only thing you should know is that you just have to have a healthy lifestyle and a healthy relationship with your family and you will live long. You just have to be humble and not to be like those people who always like to show off and love to think about themselves instead of others.


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November 2017

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