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My Wished Power
[708 words]
Saranekha Saravanan
[December 2017]
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My Wished Power
Saranekha Saravanan

If you wish you had a talent that you really want than what would it be? If it were for me then I would love to have the talent of teleporting, invisibility and hell portal. It would be fun to teleport and it would fun to be invisible. The teleportation will allow me to escape from trouble by letting teleport from here to there. Actually it is important to learn self-defence skill to survive in the human world. You have to defend yourself from being kidnapped or killed. If a robber is in your house then you have to punch and kick the robber. If you are able to save yourself from being kidnapped then save your younger brother or sister and save your parents. If you are unable to save your parents or sibling then run to somewhere far away where the kidnappers wonít find you. If I would be able to teleport, I would use it wisely and wonít make a fool of myself.
If you had the invisibility talent then I would be able to invisible and no one can see me. The best thing about it is that you could trick your friends! Iím just joking, donít do that, it is not nice at all. It would be useful to escape from bullies in your school and the hell portal is nothing, I just that to make people scared of me so no one will be able to bully me because they are scared instead. It is important to learn to be careful and always listen to your parents; they know what is right for you. Donít think of running away from your parent or getting angry with them. They are the one who gave life to you and are your guardians. My advice to you is to study hard and achieve your dream. Now letís end this story with a little nightmare, it was 9 oíclock and I was at home all alone. My parents went out to a dinner party and I was home watching TV. I was watching a horror movie and while I was watching TV I heard a knock on the door. I knew it was not my parent because they have the house keys with them and they had just left five minutes ago.
My mum told me not to open the door for strangers so I didnít open the door and I continued to watch TV. When a while later the knocking started again and I heard my parents voice asking to open the door. I wanted to but I need protection just in case so I took the kitchen knife and I went to the door and opened and I saw nobody there and I thought it must be my imagination and I went in the house and continue to watch the TV when I heard footsteps upstairs and I thought maybe a robber is in the house so I took kitchen knife and went upstairs to see a girl and when I went closer I saw that it was a vampire girl. I was scared because vampires eat humans then I started to panic then I felt like my hand was funny and look to see that I have vampire wings and it is very shocking to know that I am a vampire and the vampire girl came to me and asked me to fly and visit her family with her and I felt sacred and I wanted to tell that vampire girl that Iím a human but I was scared that he might drink my blood.
I told her that I was not allowed to leave my house but dragged me to her family and when I got there my vampire look was gone and looked like a human and the girl and family looked and- I woke up to find myself lying on the floor with Justin Bieber beside me which is cool. Then I woke up again to find my parents beside me. So it was just a dream but I wanted Justin Bieber to be by my side but it is impossible to make come to my house. He wonít even come to Malaysia I guess. I wish he would and bye-bye people.


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December 2017

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