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Twila by Lamar Cole - [47 words]
Say Goodbye (Say Goodbye, Say Goodbye, Say Goodbye) by Cedric McClester - [178 words]
A Lot Of People Are Sayin’… by Cedric McClester - [153 words]
Aye Dil Sun Zara 1 by Samir Khan Hlw friends mera naam samir main gora hoon height normal and bahut handsome hoon mere colleg... [368 words]
Ehsas New Lyrics by Samir Khan Teri kami bhi hai tera ehsas bhi hai tu door bhi hai mujhse tu paas bhi hai kyun tune mera dil... [192 words]
Sweet Friend by Lamar Cole - [43 words]
Hump King by Lamar Cole - [49 words]
Bright Side by Lamar Cole - [49 words]
Hound by Lamar Cole - [39 words]
Thankful by Lamar Cole - [31 words]
Samir Love Forever 3 The Last In Love My Life Time by Samir Khan Ayesha ke saath ab hum khush the kyunki ab humari shadi ho g... [150 words]
Running Back by G A Davo Just a song based on life experiences [268 words]
Common Threads by Richard Evans loss of humanity [70 words]
The Love That You Have Given Me by Cedric McClester - [164 words]
Samir Love Forever 2 by Samir Khan Me:-ayesha babu kya hua kalse tum mujse baat kyun nahi kar rahi.........Ayesha:-kya hua sa... [301 words]
How Many Innocent Men Have To Die? by Cedric McClester - [105 words]
Nude by Lamar Cole - [57 words]
Capsize by Lamar Cole - [37 words]
Getaway by Lamar Cole - [38 words]
New York Red by Lamar Cole - [40 words]
Bucky by Lamar Cole - [35 words]
Starburst by Richard Evans blues for Trayvon- [57 words]
It's Mother's Day by Lamar Cole - [46 words]
Samirlove Forever by Samir Khan Zindagi ek pehlu me hum kadam rakhe the aur hamesha hi dhoke me raha hu doosre log dhoka dete... [215 words]
Bloody Mary Ka Sach by Samir Khan Bloody mary ek daayan hai ye main nahi janta ye kahani internet me published kiya ja raha h... [130 words]
Champ by Lamar Cole - [28 words]
Why Me Lord by Charlie Townsley - [77 words]
Creator Of Time by Shelley J Alongi Christ through all of time. [256 words]
Four Eyes by Lamar Cole - [44 words]
Poker by Lamar Cole - [44 words]
Raaz Guzarne New Lyric by Samir Khan Tere sang abhi jeena hai mujhe..tere sang abhi jeena baki hai..tere sang abhi jeena baki... [105 words]
Bananas And Coconuts by Lamar Cole - [41 words]
Too Soft by Lamar Cole - [51 words]
Portia by Lamar Cole - [41 words]
Purina Cat Chow by Lamar Cole - [59 words]
Angel Hug: Images And A Journey To A Story by Shelley J Alongi Childhood never meant so much as the images that led here: Hands, ey... [2,280 words]
On Mental Health
One Day, My Brother And I by Saranekha Saravanan - [1,504 words]
Butter by Lamar Cole - [39 words]
Palko Tale New Lyrics by Samir Khan Kitna haseen hai lamha..aaja yaha ab toh..bin tere mein rehna paunga mera tujhme hi hai j... [59 words]
Shelf by Lamar Cole - [33 words]
Welding Helmet by Lamar Cole - [46 words]
Bhut Ka Darr by Samir Khan Aaj main aapko ek asli mere dost ki biti hui ghatna ka ullekh karne ja rahu main ye kahani apne do... [262 words]
The End Of Us by Lexie J Kelly This is my personal favourite out of all the songs I've wrote, hope you enjoy it 😊 [319 words]
This Is Goodbye by Lexie J Kelly I haven't been writing for a while but I got some inspiration and would like to share this song... [258 words]
Space Dream by Lamar Cole - [39 words]
Taste Life by Lamar Cole - [32 words]
Willow by Lamar Cole - [39 words]
Boss by Lamar Cole - [49 words]
Bloody Mary A Real And Fake Story by Samir Khan Dosto kya aapne kabhi bhi internet me ya youtube par bloody mary story dekhe ... [126 words]
Trolley Car by Lamar Cole - [49 words]
Ek Raaz Ki Baat Bhut Pret Ki Original Kahani Part 2 by Samir Khan Dosto aaj main phir wapas louta hoon bhut pret ki asli kaha... [126 words]
What Else Could I Be? by Cedric McClester - [127 words]
The Cracks Are Starting To Show by Cedric McClester - [110 words]
Ek Bhutia Raaz Bhut Pret Ki Original Kahani by Samir Khan Dosto aaj main aapko bhut pret ki aap biti ghatna batane ja raha hu... [224 words]
Who Said We All Gotta Think The Same? by Cedric McClester - [123 words]
Since It’S Been Us And We by Cedric McClester - [133 words]
You Have A Right To Your Voice by Cedric McClester - [126 words]
Marsha by Lamar Cole - [50 words]
Badnamiya Armaan Malik Urvashi Rautela Coverd New Lyrics by Samir Khan Zindegani ke lamho ko tere naam kar diya khudko tere h... [115 words]
Kaun Tujhe(Ms Dhoni The Untold Story By Samirkhan Unplugged Lyrics-- by Samir Khan Tu aati hai seene mein jab jab sansen bhar... [113 words]
Weeping Heart by Lamar Cole - [55 words]
You've Got This by Shelley J Alongi Christ reigns. [86 words]
Twitter Tweet by Lamar Cole - [51 words]

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On Mental Health
If I ever see a shrink again it'll have to be under a court order.
[2,573 words]
Robert Levin
[December 2011]
3 Poems (Poetry) - [129 words] [Humor]
A Passel Of Plumeria (Short Stories) Can an act of violence be a gift? [5,935 words]
Arena (Short Stories) A man finds a way out of his midlife crisis. [1,495 words] [Action]
Donald Trump And The Fear Of Death (Essays) Propelled by a pronounced extinction anxiety, white America’s dread has led directly to a heightening of racism, and with it, the presidency of Donald Trump [581 words] [Psychology]
Everything's All Right In The Middle East (Essays) A mutual solution to the problem of being mortal. [686 words] [Psychology]
Free Jazz: The Jazz Revolution Of The '60s (Essays) "Man, In another ten years we won't even need traffic lights we're gonna be so spiritually tuned to one another." [2,615 words] [History]
No Stars For The Eclipse (Essays) I thought more interesting work was being done at the Electric Circus back in the '60s. [529 words] [Comedy]
On Turning Sixty (Essays) The rewards of turning sixty [544 words] [Humor]
Peggie (Short Stories) My chance to cross gross obesity from the list of body types I hadn't yet scored. [1,519 words] [Comedy]
Proving God By Consensus (Essays) My Problem with the Religious Right [977 words] [Psychology]
Recycle This (Essays) "I don't even sort and rinse the stuff I keep?" [885 words] [Humor]
Schindler's List: A Fecal Matter (Essays) - [1,047 words] [Psychology]
Stupidity: Its Uses & Abuses (Essays) Stupidity is rivaled in its genius only be schizophrenia. [1,337 words] [Humor]
You Don't Know What You're Doing (Or Why You're Still Fat) (Essays) People with perpetual obesity issues are playing a game with themselves. [804 words] [Psychology]

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