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Stand My Ground
A song about being bullied, depressed, etc. and gaining courage to stand up
[350 words]
Alex Romano
Just a person who has been given the ability to write, whether it be songs or poetry.
[January 2018]
Stand My Ground
Alex Romano

All my life I've been screwed over
It all started when I was younger
I was really stressed, misunderstood
It seemed like no one really cared except for one person
But I'm tired of trying to be what
Everyone expects me to be

I've been beat up, I've been pushed around
I've been bullied, been stressed yeah
Misunderstood and depressed
And I feel like I don't belong here
But I'm done with all of that
I'm never going back
I'm making my stand right now

(Yeah making my stand)
Yeah my whole life has felt like a bad dream
And it's always on a constant repeat
Some days are better than others
But even then, I'm always pulled down
I wish that I was strong
Strong enough to make it stop
But I've always just let it happen
Let them dump their anger on me
I never say anything back
Cause really, what's there to say?
Some people say it makes me the bigger person
But sadly they're really mistaken
Most times I enjoy the pain the cause
Because it just makes it all feel better
Because with pain
Came clarity and good
I know it sounds stupid
But if you've been there, you understand
Cause you've experienced it firsthand
If not, well, you don't know
But those that have been there
You're not alone

Cause I've been beat up
I've been pushed around
I've been bullied, been stressed yeah
Misunderstood and depressed
And I feel like I don't belong here
But I'm done with all of that,
I'm never going back
I'm making my stand right now

Yeah, I've been beat up, pushed around, and bullied
But I've always just absorbed it
And moved on
I didn't defend myself
I never tried
It gets tiring after awhile
But now I've finally had enough
It's time to stand up for what is right
Yeah that time is now
It won't come twice
I'm stronger now than I've been before
I'm coming out in full force
So join me now
You're not alone
Cause we've all been

We've been beat up
We've been pushed around
We've been bullied
Been stressed, yeah
Misunderstood and depressed
And we feel like we don't belong here
But we're done with all of that
We're never going back
We're standing our ground
And we're not backing down

No not anymore

I just can't take it anymore
(I can't take it, I've had enough(
Never going back
(Not going back, can't go back)
Not backing down no more
(No more)


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January 2018

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