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The Horror Night
It is sleeping facts and my horror night dream
[502 words]
Saranekha Saravanan
[December 2017]
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The Horror Night
Saranekha Saravanan

Have you ever thought the day you donít need to sleep at all? Well if we donít need to sleep at all then what will you do with the free time. Well I would either draw or maybe do something else instead. It would be fun to have like 4 or 5 hours of free time to do anything you want. It is because so children are force to do work given by their parents for a certain amount of time and then they donít get their free time because they need to sleep but if donít need to sleep then you can have lot of free time to do anything they want. Even parents need free time because after their work day they need to relax for a while and on Saturday or Sunday they canít because their children will ask them to bring them to places and the parents will bring to places.
Did you know? That if we donít sleep for at least 4 hours the next day our eyes will turn red and you will find yourself being mental. Sleep is important for every living creature. They need to sleep so that they can concentrate on what they are doing the next day. If not then we would be grumpy and tired and would fall asleep during the day. Actually everything need sleep, even robots! Young babies love to sleep and they are supposed to sleep. Letís talk about my dream, itís almost like a horror dream but Iím telling you that it was real. That dream really happened in real life. One night I was walking home all alone right after my tuition class. The streets were dark and empty and I only had a torch as the only source of light. Then I heard a rustling noise in the bushes and I thought it was a rabbit and didnít care then I heard some type of crying noise from the back of the tree.
I quickly ran past it and walked home and when I reached home the gate was locked and I had a message in my phone saying to come to the Tidy Hotel. My parents work there and I thought maybe they just stayed in one of the hotel rooms for a night. The hotel was not far from my house so I decided to walk to the place instead of riding my bike. When I was walking the tree that I heard someone crying, was gone. I felt scared when I felt someone touch my shoulder and when I turn around; it was my neighbour, Fealty Sam. He said that he would give me a ride to the hotel and I agreed but when I opened the hotel door I saw Sam at the counter saying that my parentís room is S12 then I was shocked! If Sam was here then who was the Sam in the car! I quickly ran to the room and slept and the next day it happened!


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December 2017

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