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Froot Loops by Lamar Cole - [62 words]
Crying My Eyes Out by Cedric McClester - [121 words]
Burst by Lamar Cole - [45 words]
Why Would You Hurt Me? by Cedric McClester - [141 words]
You'll Be Back Again by Cedric McClester - [79 words]
Wax by Lamar Cole - [45 words]
Juices by Lamar Cole - [47 words]
Pizza by Lamar Cole - [52 words]
Mess by Lamar Cole - [49 words]
Faking by Lamar Cole - [51 words]
Nature's Gold by Lamar Cole - [37 words]
Too Tight by Lamar Cole - [44 words]
Offense by Lamar Cole - [34 words]
Date by Lamar Cole - [64 words]
I Think Of Death by Cedric McClester - [112 words]
Feet by Lamar Cole - [44 words]
Get From The Place You Are by Cedric McClester - [217 words]
Nuts by Lamar Cole - [50 words]
We’Ve Moved On by Cedric McClester - [193 words]
Adult Daycare by Cedric McClester - [83 words]
Cool by Lamar Cole - [41 words]
Science Compliments God by Diana Angela Chang This poem is about science and how it compliments religion. Some people are led to beli... [382 words]
Messiah by Diana Angela Chang This poem was composed after years of self discovering and researching science, religion and culture. I... [525 words]
Jealous by Lamar Cole - [59 words]
Cracks by Lamar Cole - [60 words]
All Good Things... by Cedric McClester - [116 words]
World War Three by Cedric McClester - [85 words]
Nakedly Bare by Cedric McClester - [188 words]
Like Votes In A Consistory by Cedric McClester - [77 words]
Clean by Lamar Cole - [36 words]
Lianne La Havas by Cedric McClester - [78 words]
Skills by Lamar Cole - [51 words]
The Master Of Deflection by Cedric McClester - [133 words]
As Darkness Draws Ever Near by Cedric McClester - [71 words]
I Choose Not To... by Cedric McClester - [79 words]
Popeye by Lamar Cole - [70 words]
Handle Me by Ozee - [241 words]
I Stole Your Heart Away by Charlie Townsley - [76 words]
Puppy by Lamar Cole - [42 words]
Feat by Lamar Cole - [44 words]
Meth Cases- A Yes Or No Basis by Diana Angela Chang Do not turn your back on this tragic epidemic that needs our attention and added ... [480 words]
B.O.B- Beyond Our Beings by Diana Angela Chang For anyone who has a higher functioning brain and extra sensory abilities which can be... [292 words]
Black And Blue Legislative Body by Diana Angela Chang This is a poem for all of Hawaii's political leaders and those of great influen... [243 words]
A Familiar Magnet by Diana Angela Chang For those who are mutually attracted to those you are not supposed to be I suppose. Maybe it'... [167 words]
Mountain by Lamar Cole - [51 words]
Fence by Lamar Cole - [79 words]
Preconceived Notions by Diana Angela Chang For those trying to overcome anger, there may be a few people who purposefully continue to... [154 words]
Like Shooting Fish In A Bowl by Cedric McClester - [104 words]
Pigging Out by Lamar Cole - [33 words]
If Not Now... by Cedric McClester - [73 words]
Soles For The Soul by Diana Angela Chang This is for an addition to your gift of giving therapeutic shoes to someone or for a markete... [227 words]
Witnesses Of The Light by Diana Angela Chang For all photographers and those who are called to witness sunrises and sunsets. How luck... [144 words]
These Walls by Diana Angela Chang When the reasons for your partners distance is unknown and you feel all alone. [92 words]
I'll Be Right Back by Diana Angela Chang A poem for those who live with a critical, negative person who is relentlessly pushing your ... [214 words]
When Will Be The Next Time? by Cedric McClester - [148 words]
Gun Reform by Cedric McClester - [97 words]
Shooters Try To Hide… by Cedric McClester - [132 words]
Good Man by Lamar Cole - [31 words]
Ain’T It Absurd? by Cedric McClester - [117 words]
What Is Missing? by Diana Angela Chang Feeling a hole in your life, a void? Maybe the answer for you is God. [183 words]
The Dripping Water by Diana Angela Chang This is a poem for anyone who can relate to disassociation or feeling like arson to the esta... [394 words]
A Monster And A Masterpiece by Diana Angela Chang A song dedicated to all those girls who were sexually abused by their dad or a fami... [555 words]
Insane by Lamar Cole - [53 words]
Gale by Sandipan Paul - [251 words]
Jump by Lamar Cole - [38 words]
Twice Abandoned by Diana Angela Chang For all those daughters who had absentee dads or just disappointing ones. This poem is about a ... [330 words]
A Feather Of Your Wing by Diana Angela Chang This is a poem for a few of my professors Jonathan Nery, Brent Kagawa, Lee Shelko, and J... [179 words]
Take A Knee by Richard Evans freedom burns- [23 words]
Who Is Who To You? by Diana Angela Chang This is a poem that defines what a real friend means and to inspire those who like myself, l... [393 words]
Destination Starlight by Nathaniel A Miller Prelude to Healing Starlight, Return of Starlight, Forever Starlight. How Rijiin found re... [57,626 words]
Holey by Lamar Cole - [58 words]
Melvin Hill by Cedric McClester - [136 words]
Revere Beach Memories by Cedric McClester - [330 words]
Kissed By The Mist by Cedric McClester - [150 words]
So Fly by Lamar Cole - [47 words]
Grizzly Bear by Lamar Cole - [43 words]
The One That Got A Way by Diana Angela Chang It's about that one person that could have been but time or circumstance would not let i... [234 words]
Niagara by Lamar Cole - [54 words]
I Need Someone Like You by Diana Angela Chang Two best friends who grew up together separated at 18 when one left Hawaii and got marr... [202 words]
Somethings You Need To Know by Diana Angela Chang For my two beautiful children! Just a few things you should always remember. [113 words]
Keep Your Light On by Diana Angela Chang This is an inspirational message to those in troubled times to remember their light and its ... [167 words]
Hunny I'm Here To Stay by Diana Angela Chang This is a testament to loyalty. She is indeed in love, always has been and promises to a... [264 words]
Asphault by Diana Angela Chang A young woman is brutally attacked by 5 men and was almost sexually assaulted when an off duty officer... [184 words]
An Undying Love by Diana Angela Chang This is a poem about two people who fell in love, had a baby and when all was good, suddenly th... [440 words]
A Turtle, An Introvert by Diana Angela Chang My therapist encourages me to write my lyrics and poetry by giving me assignments. This ... [260 words]
Crooked Mile by Diana Angela Chang A troubled teen comes from a broken family , living in the ghetto where her skin color makes her a... [332 words]
Help Me Help You by Diana Angela Chang This lyric depicts a couple that has been through so much together that it stole them away fro... [280 words]
Invisible Battles by Diana Angela Chang This is a lyrical poem that refers to depression, mental illness and addiction as a daily bat... [313 words]
Akoko by Blessing Ogbor Evy Akoko is song which seeks to encourage as many that feel like giving up on a situation. Weeping may endur... [167 words]

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