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Wall Street by Cedric McClester - [340 words]
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Outta My Head
Original Song -Under The Peach Tree by Sai He This is an original song i wrote. Hope you like it! [109 words]
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Outta My Head
[94 words]
Laura Lloyd
[October 2009]
5 Reasons (Songs) - [189 words]
Almost Normal (Songs) This is about being afraid of youre feelings. [88 words]
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Anywhere You Are Is Home (Songs) this is meant to be an up beat song that reflects upon how love is more than you think it is... at least i hope thats what it portrays. [167 words]
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Brightest Light (Songs) i'm posting 2 new sets of lyrics on this occasion, this being one of them. I wrote these when i was like... 15/16. Brightest light is "supposed" to be a love song. [68 words]
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N.O.O.N.E (Songs) Not finished. would just like to know what is thought of it. [69 words]
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What You Do For Love (Songs) ...title is self explanitory really. This is posted in additon to Brightest light, which i wrote when i was 15/16. [142 words]
Won't Let Me (Songs) - [88 words]
You Either Want Me Or You Don't (Songs) - [109 words]
'nuther Lover (Songs) I'm sure everyone at some time has been in this position. [220 words]
Outta My Head
Laura Lloyd

I must be crazy, cause I think
I saw you look at me, you don't normally
You do, but not like that, yeh, uh huh.

I must be losing my mind, cause I
swear I looked at you too, I don't normally
I do, but not like that, yeh, uh huh.

An it's almost insane
looking into you're eyes
wanting you the way I do
I gotta be outta my mind
outta my friggin' mind....

Gotta feelin'
you know exactly what's on my mind
an i hope that in time i'll find
a way to deal with this mess
until then I can't confess
'Cause I'm outta my head.


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