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Feel So Right by Richard Evans don't wanna' ruckus girl- [118 words]
Auschwitz by Ceeric McClester Auschwitz was inspired by the tragic event that took place in that death camp during World Was II. [272 words]
When I Noticed You by Charlie Townsley Song to someone [165 words]
Your Making Me High by Charlie Townsley - [107 words]
…Who You Wanna Be by Ceeric McClester - [337 words]
We Need To Take A Second Look by Ceeric McClester - [290 words]
Twisted Story Of Romance by Gale Omstott This is a song I wrote, I hope you enjoy it. [112 words]
Tired Of This Conversation by Ceeric McClester Tired Of This Conversation is inspired by the national debate over the lack of equal... [243 words]
They Call Her Sailor by Ceeric McClester They Call Her Sailor was inspired by the true events depicted in the song. [226 words]
There’S Only One Khalifah by Ceeric McClester - [576 words]
The Very Last Time by Ceeric McClester The Very Last Time was sadly inspired by the tragic deaths of New York City police detective... [173 words]
The Stench Of Death by Ceeric McClester The Stench Of Death was inspired by the futility of war and ethnic cleansing. [397 words]
The Maze Escape by Khuu Based on the movie THE MAZE RUNNER, follows a song describing the desperation of finding escape... [231 words]
The Face Of Torture by Ceeric McClester Torture was inspired by the CIA's Bush Administration sanctioned torture program/ [267 words]
Teach The Children by Ceeric McClester - [230 words]
So So Serious by Ceeric McClester - [193 words]
Out On The Line by Ceeric McClester - [135 words]
Ninety Miles From Miami by Ceeric McClester Ninety Miles From Miami was inspired by the thaw in American and Cuban relations being ... [282 words]
New York To Simi Valley by Ceeric McClester New York To Simi Valley is a social commentary song that was inspired by the justice mo... [228 words]
Magic Bologna Ride by Nathaniel A Miller Filked lyrics based on Steppenwolf's Magic Carpet Ride for an ex gf/best friend in the whole... [164 words]
Let’S Take It To The Street by Ceeric McClester Let's Take It To The Street was inspired by the peaceful demonstrations for justice... [211 words]
King’S Holiday by Ceeric McClester King;s Holiday was inspired by the life and times of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. [241 words]
I’M On A Mission by Ceeric McClester I'm On A Mission was inspired by a comment actor/ comedian Nick Cannon made on a recent televi... [216 words]
How’D You Like The Play? by Ceeric McClester - [213 words]
For You 2015 by Lora Liao This is a song about finding the inner you [219 words]
For You 2014-2015 by Lora Liao This song is about your feelings and what they can cause you feel on the inside. [235 words]
Dr. King, Dr. King by Ceeric McClester Dr. King Dr. King was inspired by the life of the late great civil rights icon, Dr. Martin L... [222 words]
Dr. Friendly by Ceeric McClester Dr, Friendly was inspired by a neighbor who is cold fish. [358 words]
Confidence Is The Key by Ceeric McClester - [284 words]
Asian Numbers Nutrients Urethra Alkalosis, Accident Distributed. by Ipuerure Usmigejovowo http://buyfinasteride-propecia.com/ - Propecia... [9 words]
A Storm Is Coming by Ceeric McClester - [167 words]
You're A Popstar by Julia Christina Serpico - [86 words]
You Don't Notice Me by Deane Sales This song was written in 2000, based upon my experiences of a female friend for who i had f... [191 words]
You Can’T Hide (Your Dirty Laundry) by Ceeric McClester - [234 words]
Williamsburg by Ceeric McClester Williamsburg was inspired by a news article I read on the demise of Williamsburg Brooklyn as an ar... [196 words]
Who’S Agenda? by Ceeric McClester Who's Agenda was inspired by an Elizabeth Warren OP-Ed piece in the Washington Post. [220 words]
What’S Happenin’? by Ceeric McClester What's Happenin'? was inspired by old allegations of rape against a well known American comed... [175 words]
What I Said Was… by Ceeric McClester - [222 words]
We’Re In This Together by Ceeric McClester - [236 words]
We Will Not Go Gently by Ceeric McClester We Will Not Go Gently was inspired by the events in Ferguson, Missouri and elsewhere in A... [254 words]
We Know Where The Bones Are Buried by Ceeric McClester - [224 words]
We Have A Crisis! by Ceeric McClester We Have A Crisis was inspired by the savagery of ISIS the terror group that professes to stan... [174 words]
Until I Tell You So by Ceeric McClester Until I Tell You So was inspired by the rumor of possible romance between Taylor Swift and ... [291 words]
Today Is Your Blessin’ by Ceeric McClester - [268 words]
This Time I Found Love by Charlie Townsley FOR YOU [96 words]
This Love Of Mine
The Ones In Charge by Ceeric McClester - [327 words]
The Corporations by Ceeric McClester - [247 words]
Terror Has Many Faces by Ceeric McClester - [168 words]
T.B. (Or Not To Be) by Late Bloomer - [133 words]
So Much For Being Us by Joshua Fernandes Life Events [154 words]
Shooting Up by Ceeric McClester Shooting Up is based on a Lisa Ling documentary on drug addiction. [188 words]
Racism, Or Bad Laws, (Take Your Pick) by Ceeric McClester It happened again. A New York grand jury declined to indict a cop who cl... [300 words]
Probable Cos’ by Ceeric McClester Probable Cos' was inspired by the sordid details of a popular comedian's alleged sexual past. [258 words]
Not For Love Or Money by Ceeric McClester Not For Love Or Money was inspired by a news story about how Led Zeppelin's lead singer R... [250 words]
Love’S A Lethal Injection by Ceeric McClester - [270 words]
Love Will Always Be (Our Common Destiny) by Ceeric McClester - [199 words]
Love Is Love By Amine by Amine Masror sometimes we all struggle to maintain a healthy relationship though our backgrounds or th... [334 words]
Love - Feeling Turned To Words by Joshua Fernandes Feeling turned to words [160 words]
Keep The Faith (And Pray) by Ceeric McClester Keep The Faith (And Pray) is inspired by those who are facing dire straights and are ... [207 words]
Katrina (The Storm Took No Prisoners) by Ceeric McClester Katrina was inspired by the legendary storm that devastated New Orleans a... [269 words]
Jumpin’ Up And Down by Ceeric McClester Jumpin' Up And Down was inspired by events in Ferguson, Missouri, in the wake of the grand ... [291 words]
Judgment Day by Ceeric McClester - [237 words]
Jesus (Bless His Holy Name) by Ceeric McClester - [300 words]
I'll Do Anything For You by Julia Christina Serpico - [124 words]
If You Can Learn From Your Pain by Ceeric McClester - [180 words]
I Miss You (Do You Miss Me Too?) by Ceeric McClester - [271 words]
How Can I Tell You by Deane Sales I wrote this song in 1998, I had a very close friend who i really wanted to be more than fri... [231 words]
God Is Great (Allahu Akbar) by Ceeric McClester God Is Great is inspired by recent events in the Middle East. [176 words]
Equal Justice. by Ceeric McClester - [228 words]
Demonstating In The Streets by Ceeric McClester - [342 words]
Can We Get Past The Past? by Ceeric McClester - [239 words]
Black And Brown Lives Do Matter by Ceeric McClester - [272 words]
After The Smoke Finally Clears by Ceeric McClester After The Smoke Finally Clears is inspired by the events in Ferguson, Missouri i... [251 words]

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This Love Of Mine
Song lyrics
[128 words]
Alex M Lawrence
[December 2014]
Finding My Way (Songs) Lyrics for Song [107 words] [Writing Resource]
In My Heart (Songs) Love Song [137 words] [Romance]
This Love Of Mine
Alex M Lawrence

Ever since we said goodbye
All these tears that I have cried
I can still remember
When we used to be together

As long as I have you
No one loves you like I do
I will always love you night and day
There is nothing that I can do or say

I've been waiting for so long
Now yesterday is gone
All I want is for you
To love me the way that you do
Together you and I
We've got to carry on
This love of mine
It grows so strong

Somewhere in this heart of mine
I still believe
Your the only one
That was meant for me

I can't live without you
To help me make it through
Ever since you've been gone
I've been waiting for so long

Time keeps slipping away
As the night turns into day
Memories of you pass me by
Just like faces in the sky


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