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Darkness For Miles
[381 words]
Adam Moore
[November 2016]
Foggy Thoughts (Songs) - [152 words]
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One, Two (Songs) Rap lyrics I wrote to an instrumental. May be too vulgar for some. [229 words]
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Darkness For Miles
Adam Moore

Give me a little time and you bet your ass i'll run it
Sending out hits but i've already done it
Putting the game in my front left pocket
Connecting a bar to your right eye socket

Take my hand and breathe in deep
It's the real world that's swallowing me
Coming at me but you don't know shit
I'm holding my breath at the bottom of the sea

Bring me the sacrifice I have to make
Searching fast before I wake
Where are the symbols that connect my fate?
Just like me they're gonna be late

My minds pacing between two stones
Hearts aching from the unknown
Place me in the sky and leave me alone
Smoking trees so my mind'll be blown

Ive been hiting the blunt daily
Searching for a high to save me

I'm sitting in the corner of a room
Bored out of my mind with nothing to do
So my mind creates ways to play
With terribles things it has to say

I'm in a constant storm of confusion
I can only focus on the delusion
Hearing the words my brain is telling me
Anxiety rises hypocrisy
If hope can be false, so can the truth
I won't let you fall, the mind is a ruse
A door that looks too heavy to open
Walking away is just you copin'

Peel my mind open and look inside
Cloudy storms and volcanoes rise
There's no control to be had here
besides the pills that adhere

I'm drowning in a sea of thoughts
Following a trail to pandoras box
Looking for the third exit when there's only two
Finding true friends but theres only a few

Those few can be cut in half
Never trust the past to show you the path
My mind sees all like the blind see monochrome
The train delivers but noones home

Knock on the door and wait for an answer
The shadow of you is the gandy dancer
Preventing the pain from fading
Telling you it's fine, how persuading

I look in the mirror and see a contradiction
It's impossible to bandage mental aflictions
Come closer, no get away
How hard it is to convince myself to stay

The reasons I love are the reasons I hate
Standing still but here I sway
Losing intention as I travel in
Gaining tension as I battle within

Accompany me down these rusty streets
Abused by me but still beneath
There's holes in the shield that's supposed to protect
But i'm a lab rat, what did I expect?

Testing on me the things that might help
Promising sanity but sending me hell


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December 2016

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