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The Mytirious Old Lady
[558 words]
Saranekha Saravanan
[December 2017]
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The Mytirious Old Lady
Saranekha Saravanan

“Are you sure this is good idea?” Marta asked.
“Of course I’m sure,” I replied as was walking to old abandon house in the village and I stopped in front of the gate. Marta was scared but I was ready as a potato dancing. I was going to open the gate when Marta said that she saw something at the window. I told her that it was nonsenses because there is no one in the house and if there is someone then they might be crazy to live in a dirty house like this. Marta said that there used to be a magical old lady that used to live here but I ignored her. I went in and I tried to turn one the lights but I can’t and then I turned on my torch light instead. “Luna, please listen to me, there have 20 lost people and they have been from this village and the magical old lady has a dog too and if you find a dog with a luminary sign on its skin then you have to run for your life. I am scared Luna, I don’t want to die what if… she tried to eat us!” Marta whispered to me.
“Why do always old people get superpowers and not me?” I joked.
“Luna this isn’t a joke okay? And that was not funny!” Marta said to me as I laughed away. We walked deeper and deeper the house. “I guess this house never ends, it is going on forever and I haven’t see anyone or animal yet! What nonsense is this, my friend has lied to me after all I guess, and funny that there is no stairs to the second floor at all.” I moaned.
“I told you Luna that this is a magical house and that you have to fly up to the second floor and not walk to the second floor and I am having a feeling like someone is watching us and I want to go home.” Marta cried. I told her to shut the hell up and I search for a ladder or maybe stairs and I walked deeper and deeper when I found, a marble? Well that was useless, I though and threw it away but Marta caught it and took a picture of it.
“Marta, what are you doing and please don’t call the police or your dad cause I want to keep this adventure a secret and if you want to go home then just go, I don’t really need you at all, I just called you over because you’re a technology person and I thought you would be very useful but when I entered this house and found out that you’re a scaredy-cat and found out that you more on home then adventurous or brave and you are always scared of magic and besides, if there is a ghost then it would be awesome to see one right,” I finally end my speech.
“Luna I thought you were my friend, but it turns out that you just want to use me. Fine! I’m leaving but don’t blame me if you are lost or something. I am scared of dark places so yeah, I’m leaving you alone.” She said.
“Fine!” I said and continued in front when I heard Marta screaming and I rushed to her and to my horror, she is dead


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