An integrated Self Organizing Knowledge management system with features for Knowledge Repository, Knowledge Base, Sarbanes Oxley Software, File Sharing, Organizational Charts, Knowledge Forums... Supports Java, Linux, Windows, Unix.

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kManager is a knowledge management software that integrates multiple knowledge management functions on a single platform. It is a core business application that complements other office applications. Two distinguishing factors set it apart from its competitors:
  • A level of integration and a set of features that replaces the need for multiple collaborative applications
  • A low total cost of ownership

Knowledge Management System Architecture


Knowledge Management Software Comparison



IBM Lotus Notes

Microsoft SharePoint

OpenText Livelink

Knowledge Applications

Document Repository

Discussion Forum



Knowledge Base




Issue Management




Status Reporting




Online File Directory




Sarbanes Oxley Tool







Customer / Partner Sub Area




Custom Application



Integrated Features

Personal Dashboard




Organization Charting




Personal Daily Message




People Search



Presence Awareness



Document Form Definition




Search By Form Definition




Document Attachments




Attachment Versioning




Inline Image Upload & Display




Bookmark And Monitor




Qualitative Response




Quantitative Response




Editable Response




Self Organizing Filters




Multiple Organizations




Multiple Sub Organizations




Simultaneous Multi Language




Deploy as ASP Application




All Web Browser Based



External Authentication




World and Group Security




One Stop Enterprise Access






Audit Tracking





Functional Completeness

Ease of Deployment and Use

Low Cost of Ownership





  * IBM Lotus Notes requires script language development

 ** OpenText Livelink requires separate purchase of pre-defined applications

*** Support for document versioning, not attachments

Knowledge Management System

kManager is a knowledge management software platform for managing the multiple knowledge management functional needs of your organization and your subsidiary organizations, and interconnecting them with your customers and your business partners -- in one place.

Sarbanes Oxley Software Tool

kManager provides a knowledge management software framework to support the Sarbanes Oxley process controls and monitoring instituted by your organization. The base Sarbanes Oxley template can be extended to support the needs of your particular organizational processes. Through the use of extensible templates kManager will adapt to the evolving requirements of the Sarbanes Oxley Act.

Knowledge Management Repository

As a knowledge management software tool, kManager allows you to create an unlimited number of document repositories with version control for multiple attachments.


kManager delivers knowledge management with discussion forums. An unlimited number of forums, sub forums, with or without response threading, may be created. Forums can be bookmarked, monitored, and responses can be edited for correction after being posted. Responses can be ranked for usefulness and searched by field as a means to mine useful information or identify organizational experts.

File Sharing

kManager knowledgement management software provides a unique way to share files using a web browser.

Organizational Charts

Integrated within the knowledge management software platform is the ability create hierarchical relationship between people. Multiple such relationships can be created to capture the needs of a matrix organization.

Knowledge Base

kManager knowledge management software uses extensible templates to provide any number of knowledge base areas as required.

Search Engine

kManager knowledge management software comes integrated with a search feature that provides specialized search across all kManager knowledge management application templates.

People Search

kManager knowledge management software allows you to search for people across your organization and sub organizations based on their profile information.

Knowledge Application Templates

kManager knowledge management system comes delivered with a number of templates. These templates can be modified or extended and other knowledge management templates can be created. The kManager Configurator provides a user friendly interface to create new templates.

Universal Web Access

kManager knowledge management software is all web based and universally accessible with zero footprint on your client machine.

International Language Support

kManager knowledge management software provides simultaneous user preference based international language support.

Knowledge Management Navigation

kManager knowledge management software provides access to organizational knowledge management in a way that is simple and intuitive to use, and yet feature and function rich.

Free Software

kManager leverages low cost and advanced free software. Written in Java kManager knowledge management software is portable an will run on Linux, Windows, and Unix. kManager utilizes XML and XSLT. kManager is tested with free software such as Apache, Tomcat, and mySQL.

kManager Knowledge Management System Presentation

Sarbanes Oxley Software Screenshot

Java Download

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